How to Start blogging with Blogspot for FREE – Easy Steps


Now-a-days,More and more people want to start a blog for sharing their knowledge,increase the social popularity or to earn money by sitting at home.Some of the people by the servers & and blogging scripts at starting without knowing about any thing.This may cause the loss of the money by the users and as we all know that blogging is the continuous process for the a serious blogger,some people left blogging because of they only want to earn money out of it ,they don’t want to add the quality content on the website.These types of blogs and shutdown very fast as their main focus is on earning money.

Blogspot is a great tool to start a blog for free ,this could also help you to know how your interest remains after some time of blogging.This is a free service and also give some auto seo functions as it is the product of google itself.In this post ,you can learn how to start a blogging with blogspot for free.

Starting Steps

1. First of all choose a particular topic which you want to post.Think about your interest and stick to a one dedicated topic on which you want to blog.
2. Choose and short list your domain names which represent your blog category.Select the best possible domain name which showcase your blog and which is easy to remember.

Now if you are starting blogging ,you need a blogging platform interface where you can post your article without interaction of coding.
There are many platform from which you can start your blogging journey. Some are paid like in which you need your own server to run ,and some are also free like by google , etc.

Creating Blog with

We starts with the , as it is very easy to start with at beginning stage of blogging.
1. Go to
2. Login with your gmail id
3. Now click to New Blog button ,at the left side of the screen.
4. Choose your available domain address, your website title  and also choose the basic template which you like ,then click on Create Blog button.

Blogspot add new blog panel5. Blog Created Successfully

Now its time to first post on your blog.

Start Blogging with Blogspot

Let start with a overview of the Blogspot Blogging Platform.


Blogspot Dashboard shows all the basic quick look of your blog information like page views,comments,followers etc.


When you click on Posts->New Post. the their is a full interface for customizing and writing post beautifully which helps to post with no coding knowledge.


You can also add the widgets in the website template layout without coding because blogspot gives a full user-interface to post a quality article.


Blogspot also gives a fully functional Stats dashboard which shows a well organized tracking data of the visitors that may help to optimize your website.


You can also edit and customize your website theme as well as backup and restore your template.


And the most important thing, you can also add your adsense on your blogspot free website.

You can earn from the website where there is no investment needed at all.

Best of luck for the new bloggers.Hope you can achieve your goal and make a successful blog 🙂

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  1. I agree WordPress is anytime better than BlogSpot. Though BlogSpot is great for anyone who is just started with Blogging and want to learn without spending any dime. BlogSpot certainly is good and it allows complete customization of template code. Blogspot is good for small starter blogs . Personal blogs and single topic blogs can also do good on BlogSpot .
    When comparing with WordPress people often forget that Blogspot is free and one doesn’t have to worry about traffic spikes and hosting problems…

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