How To Type In Marathi In WhatsApp: A Complete Guide

How To Type In Marathi In WhatsApp

In case you’re wondering how to type in Marathi in WhatsApp, you have landed at the right place. People tend to become closer when they feel more familiar, and culture gives us this. Any culture must have a language, and the language we use at home is the one we will always hold dear. Marathi, which comes from the lively state of Maharashtra, is the same.

However, in recent years, texting has surpassed voice calls as the most common form of communication. As a result, it has become more challenging to text in local languages like Marathi.

Texting was the first, followed by emoticons, cellphones, and eventually chat programmes like WhatsApp. Regardless of the user’s age, WhatsApp has become a household name, with most smartphone owners using it daily. As technology developed, cell phones with several languages for communication became available. However, these devices often switch the language of the entire interface, which only partially addresses the issue at hand.

However, the Marathi keyboard with Marathi stickers provides the answer to the query of how to type in Marathi in WhatsApp. But we should now talk about how to type in Marathi in WhatsApp.

How to type in Marathi in WhatsApp

How To Type In Marathi In WhatsApp: A Complete Guide
  • Set it as Default Keyboard
    1. Go into your phone’s Settings.
    2. After swiping down, select “System.”
    3. Toggle between “languages & input.”
    4. Select “Virtual keyboard.”
    5. Select “Manage keyboards.”
    6. Toggle the Marathi keyboard with Marathi stickers.
    7. Press OK.
  • To switch between the Marathi and English keyboards, click the button on the spacebar’s left side.
  • You can access the sticker section by pressing the second button in the keyboard’s upper right corner. Here, you can make stickers using Marathi text.
  • Go to the sticker section first, then click the camera icon in the lower right corner to take a selfie. This will generate personalised stickers featuring your face. You can now make personalised stickers with your image and distribute them to your friends.
  • To obtain stickers, including personalised Marathi content, you can type in Marathi to see recommendations for stickers with that text.

Why should you use the Marathi keyboard

Among the Marathi Keyboard With Marathi Stickers’ numerous outstanding characteristics. Now that you have learned how to type in Marathi in WhatsApp, it is time to learn why you should use the Marathi keyboard.

  • Use the cartoon head tool to create your stickers using your preferred headshot.
  • To switch between Marathi and English predictions, click the മ button.
  • Ship personalised stickers in Marathi.
  • Transmit GIFs and Stickers with personalised Marathi text.
    Select a custom theme for the keyboard.
  • You can select a theme from among the many lovely options available in the theme selection or use one of your photos as the keyboard’s theme.
  • Enjoy the incredible prediction algorithm that expedites your typing. They also make it easy to locate a suitable sticker or gif.
  • Without really typing, type. To type more rapidly, use the voice-to-text tool.
  • Transmit Manglish content in various chic and contemporary typefaces to liven up talks.

Keyboard Privacy

  • The Marathi Keyboard does not collect credit card numbers or personal information. Android displays a standard warning for every keyboard you download.
  • Our privacy policy lets the keyboard gather anonymous statistics to enhance your experience.
    Marathi Keyboard is concerned about your security and privacy.
  • It does not capture or store data entered into secure text fields, such as passwords, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, OTPs, and similar information.
  • Any keyboard that you download will display a standard warning on Android. Manglish Keyboard does not gather or keep any private or sensitive data.


Following these steps, you can quickly switch the language to your preferred setting. You can now type in Marathi in WhatsApp using a variety of methods included in this post. To satisfy your needs, you are free to select any of these approaches.

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