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Facebook is coming daily with some kind of new innovation in there products. couple of days back there was a news from Geek times regarding Whatsapp is Integrated in Facebook using Facebook app which can be privacy issue for many of the user of whatsapp. As whatsapp is meant to for privacy purpose because of their encrypted servers.

Now, Facebook continues to make the Messenger stronger by taking the new step by launching the new dedicated messenger service firstly on web server with the name of On Wednesday, 8 April 2015, the social networking giant reveals its plans with new service of a dedicated chat interface. Till now this service has been launched to only English speaking regions and soon its going to be rolled out with different language support to the other part of the world.

Now you can chat with your Facebook friends by using As company wants the user to give different experience on as they will not be distracted by the news feed and other updates of our friends which we receive on the Facebook page after lo-gin in. This can be a step where may be in the future Facebook is going to make Facebook and a different platform by providing some kind of safe and private server for chat like whatsapp offers.

How to Use Dedicated Messenger for Facebook chat?

Step 1:

Open on you web browser & you will see the following screen.

Image –

Step 2: 

Login using your Facebook account username and password. You will be directed to the Messenger in your web browser & it will look like this.


Therefor, Facebook is working pretty hard to making it service better and powerful by implementing them in new ways, like integrating of whatsapp in Facebook , giving whatsapp calling feature in it and may in future whatsapp video calling also.

So, Guys did you like this idea of a making a separate Messenger for web browsers? Tell us in comments!

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