Huawei Honor 4X Direct attack on Xiaomi Mi4i

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hey guys it was 24th April 2014 when xiaomi has his great global launch in Delhi at  siri fort auditorium where they just launch their new device the “Xiaomi Mi4i” which is just a great device with all the feature and the new display which is sunlight friendly and with new 2nd generation snapdragon 615 processor which according to them will heat not that much, what actually they meant about this line will be able to know after the phone will be available to the users.

And today which is 27th April 2015 Honor comes with a direct attach on xiaomi Mi4i on there official website which is hiHonor, where they directly compare some of the features of both the device on the website with also making the fun of the tagline of xiaomi lauch event which was “i is coming” which honor just converts into “i was wrong”

i-is-coming-launch - Techniblogic
i-was-wrong - techniblogic

There are different comparison between them like:

Mi4i doesn’t support the card slot by honor 4x does.

hono4x attacks card slot on Xiaomi mi4 - techniblogic

Same with the Screen size

hono4x attacks screen size on Xiaomi mi4 - techniblogic

camera sensors of both the devices

honor4x attacks camera on Xiaomi mi4 - techniblogic

And, the best part the prices of both the device which is the main difference.

honor4x attacks price on Xiaomi mi4 - techniblogic

but with there is a lot more difference also which we should consider before getting to the actual point which is better like:

Mi4i has 2nd Generation snapdragon 615 where as honor 4x comes with snapdragon 410.

Mi4i has better sunlight capabilty

and many more difference which will be practically known after the device get officially launched in the market and the users will buy the product and give there comments then only we can get to the actual point of comparison.

But, the main point is the direct attach which is done on the official website og honor.

So, guys what do you think about it, is it right.

Please give your view in the comment below.

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