If in-built keyboards feel too basic, switch to Facemoji, the keyboard app that has it all

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Oftentimes, we don’t consider the choice of a keyboard application and thus, suffer at the hands of limited options and assistance. This is where Facemoji, a world-renowned keyboard application steps in! Packing powerful features in a compact app, it is going to make the world a difference in chatting. Let’s find out more!

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When it comes to using emojis, we often find ourselves limited and using the same sort of characters. Over a period of time, the meaning is lost in the repeated usage of emojis. However, Facemoji resolves this challenge by providing over 1200 Emojis, 1000+ stickers, over 50k kaomoji, endless GIFs and plenty of skins. Besides, with its Emoji Maker feature, users can also transform their pictures or short videos into emojis, thus completely personalizing the conversation. Imagine sending an AWW-emoji to your bae in your own avatar. Users can also add filters like a cute bunny or Doge in this personal emojis.

Selecting emojis is really easy, as the Emoji prediction feature of the keyboard suggests different emojis to right away shoot while typing. Most importantly, the emoji prediction is supported in over 30 popular and widely-spoken languages, thus making it quite a democratically accessible option for all.

Speed is one of the key factors in today’s conversation. We needn’t only be witty but also quick with our replies. Facemoji ensures quick replies through super-smart auto-correct, emoji prediction, and next word suggestion feature. Swiping to type or completing half-typed words through auto-complete helps in speeding up texts.

Along with fast typing and auto-corrects, users can also customize the color, fonts and keyboard wallpaper. In addition to available themes and skins, keyboard background can be customized with personal pictures, selfies, and other images. The keyboard app already has themes for IPL, Holi, National holidays etc.

Lastly, Indians users will love the app even more, since Facemoji supports 22 of top local Indian dialects. One can also give input in Hinglish and Hindi (ABC).

In essence, chatting has no longer remained a passive activity that only eats up our time. Smartphones have been growing in their application; from e-mailing to creative writing and chatting, a number of important tasks warrant us to be efficient with typing over smaller screens, thus making it imperative for all to have robust keyboard applications. The Facemoji app is available on both Android and iOS and is completely free to use. Should be enough to say that with Facemoji in your phone, there will never be a dull chat, ever!

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