Importance of POS System in Hospitals and Dispensaries

Importance of POS System in Hospitals and Dispensaries 1

Whether you run one healthcare institution or twenty, your automation systems must always and everywhere fit with your business.

Reasons to use a POS system

The Pos system plays an important role in every store. Whether it’s a dispensary, clinic or hospital. It is therefore important that your POS system fits in well with it. A point-of-sale system is a computer-controlled checkout system and is therefore also able to do more than just deal with transactions.

A point-of-sale system is no ordinary cash register

A POS system is a computer-controlled checkout system. A classical cash register is only intended for the settlement of goods. Naturally, a POS system also does this but also has extra information such as a current stock indication, customer data and sales statistics.

The computerized cash register system can keep track of the data of one sales channel, but also of all different sales outlets or channels. For example, digital loyalty cards can be called up in every branch of an electrical store. An employee can also pay an article in the physical store that has been ordered via e-commerce.

The exchange between a POS system and ERP software in Dispensary

A POS system collects certain data itself, but almost never stands alone. There is a lot of communication between POS systems and ERP software. Both systems benefit from this information exchange.

The dispensary software will immediately see the current stock and planned deliveries via the link with the ERP system. This information can be passed on to the customer via the intelligent cash register system. This way the customer knows whether the desired item is in stock, or when it becomes available again. This stock indication can be indicated by a shop assistant in a physical store, but can also be called from the ERP in a webshop environment.

More Efficient Service with the Right Dispensary POS System

POS System has an intuitive interface specially designed to meet the needs of dispensary and hospitals, such as:

  • This makes staff more efficient

Thanks to VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in POS Software, it no longer matters whether an employee uses a PC, laptop, Mac, iPhone or tablet. This makes POS extremely suitable for care.

  • What is VDI?

There are 3 requirements for a good IT environment for healthcare institutions: stability, safety, and speed. VDI is a technology that fits well with these wishes. With traditional desktop computers, everything happens on the local machine, but a VDI solution runs centrally in a data center. This enables users to start a personal Windows desktop session, while the data and applications remain in one place in the data center.

  • This makes healthcare staff more efficient

It enables doctors and nurses to connect safely and from any location in the hospital to their own virtual desktop. The result: health staff becomes more efficient and the IT environment is better manageable.

This makes it very easy to make backups of the entire IT environment. Updates and patches can be rolled out to all virtual desktops in no time, so the chance of viruses, spyware, and other malware is much smaller than with local PCs.

  • Automatic scalability solutions

In order not to run the risk that capacity problems will occur at a later date, hospitals usually buy much more capacity than necessary when they are deployed during a VDI implementation. But the capacity of the implementation should be exactly sufficient to cope with peak usage and future growth of users and applications. Fortunately, automatic scalability is now also available in combination with a VDI solution.

  • Quality assurance

When a hospital connects its POS system, they are also able to provide insight into the entire chain of medical and consumer articles, from the scoop used to the suture material, and from the implant to an infusion pump.

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