Improve Your Writing with These Amazing Tools

Improve Your Writing with These Amazing Tools

Writing skills can be nurtured through experience and learning. It takes effort, courage, and practice to come up with the best piece. You don’t have to be William Shakespeare creating another Romeo and Juliet. If you’re going to write a Les Misérables, you don’t have to resemble Victor Hugo. Moreover, you don’t have to write the ever-famous Sherlock Homes series of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Just trust yourself, take time to practice, and discover what you can do. With modern technology, you can practice writing efficiently and effectively. By exploring and using these tools, you can improve your composition in no time.

1. Grammarly

Some writers sometimes have difficulties with constructing sentences. Although they have the main idea, they cannot express it properly. Grammarly helps you write more freely. You don’t have to worry about the writing issues because this app has your back.

It can help you fix technicalities such as grammar errors, passive voice misuse, weak language, poor word choice, intricate text, inappropriate colloquialism, and more. Grammarly shapes your content and makes it look professional.

2. Hemingway

To have a solid foundation in grammar, spelling, and style, you should consider this app. The Hemingway helps in correcting sentences construction. Since Grammarly has limited features for a free version, you may use this app to further proofread your content.

It is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. The highlighted words make it easier for you to correct writing mistakes. However, it does not have any automatic correction like Grammarly. Well, it does not matter because manually correcting the sentences will help you become better in writing and editing.

3. Atomic Writer

To monitor the performance of your content, you should try this editing tool. It helps in improving your writing and correct any issues such as titles, sentence complexity, links, emotions, grammar, spelling, length of the content, paragraph density, and more.

Its features are similar to the features of Grammarly and Hemingway. If connected with the Atomic Insight, you can also boost social media engagement, increase leads, and customers, as well as content performance.

4. Blog Topic Generator

As the title suggests, this application produces topics from various resources. Having a catchy headline can capture people’s interest and drive them to read your content.

A topic can also give you a sense of direction if you are not yet sure what to write about. If we are aware of the subject matter, we can immediately draw out ideas and perceptions. And so, that’s how the Blog Topic Generator works. It helps you generate amazing titles and topics in a snap.

5. Paperhelp

Do you want a human proofreader? Paperhelp is not a usual AI application that you may know. The experts behind this site are actual people and they can check your content professionally.

Using Paperhelp writing skills will definitely improve because you are being taught impliedly with the correct grammatical rules. If you want to check more of this site, you can visit

6. Help Me Write

If you visit this site, you might think that they are writing about dogs. There is one thing that this website emphasizes, though. As the popular saying goes, do not judge the book by its cover. The Helpmewrite specializes in various writing genres and contents.

As you see their unique blogs, you will understand how complex and professional their writing is. Why not try to contact them to see how it goes?

7. oTranscribe

This transcribing website speaks for itself. If you go check their page, there are no other commercials, no shenanigans that distract your attention. You will just need to click the button and the transcribing process will begin.

It’s simplicity and user-friendly features make it the best website for converting your interviews or meetings into an essential written copy. There is no need to listen to the audio and pause it from time to time. Isn’t it fantastic?

8. Brainy Quote

Some of the writers love to use quotes and anecdotes to capture the reader’s interest. If you’re looking for an accumulation of the various quotes, you’ll just need to visit this site.

It has everything from love, leadership, motivational quotes to the inspirational ones, you just name it! The brain quite has stored them for you. You can sort the quotes by the various authors and popular people. Let’s say, for example, Buddha is known for his saying – The mind is everything. What you will think is what you will become.

You can pick any lines, quotes, or sayings from this website. By knowing this tool, it does not only make your writing essential but improves your knowledge as well.

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