What is In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology? How it Works?

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology

Technology is a never-ending game. After using face unlock, eye scanner, PINs and patterns we have moved on to In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology. Nowadays, we can see many smartphones coming up with the in-display fingerprint sensor. Users demand of bezel-less display and that 90% screen-to-body ration has led companies to focus on the development of advanced fingerprint reading technology. In display fingerprint sensor helps the scanner to scan our fingerprints from inside the screen. It is a new advanced technology that is attracting many customer’s attraction. So, let’s dive more.

How does it work?

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor TechnologyAn in-display fingerprint sensor is different from the capacitive fingerprint sensor. It works on the optical sensor which captures the reflection of your fingerprint as you press the OLED screen which emits light. This light captures the pattern of the finger and reflects towards the sensor again. It uses high-resolution fingerprint scanning sensor. Which is nothing but an Optical sensor that uses two types of detectors? Charge-coupled devices (CCD) and CMOS based optical imagers. They are designed to work well in rough conditions with almost zero maintenance and at the end, the sensor receives the light and fingerprint gets verified.

Is it faster?

Let’s just say it’s getting there. Obviously, it’s not faster than the oldskool fingerprint sensor but its quite good. The reason for that is the optical sensor itself, it has to literally shed light on the finger and then scan it through the lens, and guess what that takes time. So, Yes, it’s getting there.

My thoughts

It is a new technology that has been introduced in India and many other countries. In display fingerprint sensor makes your phone looks better and convenient as it allows smartphone with thin bezels and increases the screen-to-body ratios. The overall concept of in-display fingerprint sensor was created to maximize the display a bit and take the bezel-less future to next level.

That’s all for this folks, stay tuned for next update.

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