Top Indian Apps List You Need to Check out this Independence Day 2021

Top Indian Apps List

With India’s 75th Independence Day just right around the corner, the country is ready to celebrate this day with joy and enthusiasm. Given the pandemic at hand, things seemed to look gloomy, but people together have shown resilience and braved their way through it.  There has been tremendous support by the people of India towards made-in-India products and services. People have joined forces to support the same, along with the government, who took steps to promote indigenous businesses and the country’s own services at scale. Here are the full Indian Apps List.

All of the above said measures will lead to the growth of the country’s economy and a lot of employment will be generated with people of different skills and calibre. Strong decision and public support have led to vast improvements across many sectors and businesses, whether large or small.

Top Growing Indian Apps List 2021

These were some of the giants that made big strides in India. But, here is a list of some of those made in India apps that seem to have a bright future if they do things correctly.

1.Moj – India’s Most Popular Short video App

This app resembles the likes of TikTok and carries on with a lot of similar features that the industry giant created before its ban in India. Creators and influencers were looking for a platform to showcase their editing, dance, music, singing talent, and they found it here on Moj.

This made-in-India app has options for funny dialogue dubbing, or one can watch some real celeb videos if they choose to. In addition, you get access to thousands of stickers, emoticons, and a large array of filters. This application is available in multiple languages: Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Assamese, etc.


The team behind ShareChat is the team behind Moj, but due to lack of growth and response, they had to lay off some employees over time which they claim to have re-hired with their venture of Moj. This application was found in 2015 by three IIT Kanpur graduates, and it started off as an Indian social media and networking service. It has over 180 million users and is available in 14 Indic languages. Its features include private messaging, tagging and it allows users to share videos, songs, and other language-based content with different unknown users.


Fearless and United – Guards, more popularly known as “FAU-G”, gained a lot of traction around its launch. It has been developed by a Bengaluru-based company by the name of nCORE games. It was released on 21st January 2021. For the last couple of months, PUBG was banned, and the gamers were looking for a substitute.

FAU-G did build up the hype, but unfortunately, it couldn’t live up to it due to its mixed or negative reviews after its launch. This whole event and launch of this game can only do better if other groups of developers are willing to join hands and create something even more powerful and appealing. They could use a hand or two.


Launched in 2020, this micro-blogging platform is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. This was launched to compete against Twitter, the current king of “microblogging” content. This app gained some attention and people for a while, but sadly it couldn’t maintain it.

People still opted to choose Twitter over this app, but this app definitely seems to have a decent scope in the future given that it keeps excelling in different features and retains its users. Many cabinet ministers took over the reign to promote this made in India app to gain some new users on the platform.


Jio Meet is a web conferencing application launched by Jio due to the growing popularity of video calls during the pandemic. This initiative was taken to alleviate the communication between parties as work from home job type gained popularity. You get to experience HD Audio and video along with background noise cancellation and multi-device support. There’s a safe driving mode and an audio-only mode. They did bring out lots of brilliant features with this application.

Top Indian Apps List 2021

Here is a list of some of those applications that have made a big name for themselves in the past couple of years.


You must have heard of this name for sure! This company is in direct competition with Uber to provide their ridesharing services or taxi services. It was founded in 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati and has grown over the last couple of years. The Ola mobile app allows you to book or reserve your cab online, and you can pay with either cash or online. In addition, Ola has been expanding itself into the electric market. Recently, Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced that they will be launching their own lineup of electric scooters.


Zomato was in the news lately due to its IPO launch, which created a great deal of hype around this brand. A lot of young and seasoned investors were keeping a close look at this one. This company was founded in July 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and 5 other people. Zomato has made a decent name in digital or social media marketing with their quirky posts, witty replies, and the occasional cringe notifications.

Nevertheless, the ease of having food at home just by ordering from a mobile app and having access to 100s of restaurants and their menus at your fingertips has made zomato a trendy choice in India. They acquired Uber Eats a while ago, and they are one of the market leaders when it comes to food delivery services in India.


In Zomato’s competition, we have Swiggy, whose headquarters are located in Bangalore, and it was founded in 2014. Being in the online food ordering and food delivery industry, they added another service in 2019, commonly known as the pickup or drop-off service. During these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Swiggy employees have served as a boon for the nation by delivering food and medicines to the needy.

This application gained a lot of support from the common public. They do offer a large variety of restaurants and their unique menus through their application. In June 2021, Swiggy joined hands with ANRA technologies to introduce drone delivery trials in India.


Paytm is an Indian company popular amongst the genres of digital payment systems, e-commerce, and finance. Its headquarters are located in Noida. Recently, Paytm is said to be raising about Rs. 21,800 crores by IPO. Paytm has many features, such as the Paytm payments bank or the Paytm Mall for your shopping needs. Paytm also received the “Outstanding Startup of the Year Award” at Forbes Leadership Awards, 2016.


Earlier known as News in Shorts, this Indian company was founded in 2013 that currently aims to communicate news, videos, infographics in the short and crisp form, mostly under 60 words or less. The app is available for iOS and Android and has been creating solid byte-sized content for a while now. People enjoy sharing facts and bits of easy-to-understand information with their friends and families.

Hope you like this Top Indian Apps List. India is a huge market for such products and services, and with the right public support and sensible initiatives taken by the government, it opens up a vast scope of improvement and growth. So we are hoping for a brighter future with more and more apps developed from our homes.

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