Indian Government Restricts Import Of Laptop, Computers

Indian Government Restricts Import Of Laptop, Computers 1

The Indian government has implemented a ban on the import of all portable electronic devices like Laptop. The decision was likely made to encourage domestic production of certain goods, although the announcement doesn’t specify why.

Under the current rules, businesses are permitted to import computers and sell them in the nation. The introduction of new models will be slowed by the licensing required for imports.

Laptops, tablets, all-in-one PCs, and ultra-compact PCs and servers that fall within HSN 8741 will be considered “Restricted” imports and may only be brought into the country with a valid “License for Restricted Imports.” Examines the letter.

The government has said that it would allow up to 20 such goods per consignment to be imported duty-free for research, testing, evaluation, and repair purposes. It also allows the import of one computer of any kind per person, including one bought from an online store and delivered by mail or courier.

A license for prohibited imports is not necessary for the repair and return of these devices, the ministry said.

The nation’s contract manufacturers will undoubtedly reap the rewards of this change. Dixon Technologies, one of such contract manufacturers, had a gain of 7% in share prices.

Laptops, tablets, and personal computers make up around 1.5% of India’s total yearly imports, according to official statistics. The nation imports a large majority of its desks, computers, and laptops, with China being the primary supplier.

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