YouTube Is Getting More YouTube Tools For YouTube Shorts To Take On TikTok

YouTube Shorts

YouTube has upgraded a number of features for its YouTube Shorts in an effort to better compete with TikTok. A few examples of these updates include the ability to remix videos side by side, get recommendations for videos to remix, use ‘Shorts’ to respond to comments, add effects, stickers, and playlists, and go live. In addition, YouTube has been developing a new mobile-first vertical live experience to increase artists’ exposure in the platform’s primary video feed.

Collab allows users to film a YouTube Short alongside other videos on YouTube or inside the Shorts platform. It will be accessible through the same Remix menu option, and it will include a side-by-side layout choice for split-screen format.

The firm is including a question and answer label. The comments section is now open for creators to post queries and get feedback. Short videos allow creators to respond to comments.

The YouTube Shorts stream has been updated so that creators who broadcast live may be found more quickly. Previews of the live videos will appear alongside other Shorts content in the feed as user’s browse. They can view the live stream if they press the button. It has already decreased the qualifying conditions to join the YouTube Partner Program. Creators may utilize it to earn money from their streaming videos.

The ability to add YouTube Shorts to YouTube playlists is another feature offered by the corporation.

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