Indus Battle Royale Pre-Registrations Exceed 7 Million

Indus Battle Royale Pre-Registrations Exceed 7 Million

The Indus Battle Royale Esports Invitational will take place, marking the first official esports event for the Made-in-India Indus Battle Royale game. With pre-registration now open on Google Play for Android, SuperGaming’s Indus, an Indo-futuristic battle royale, is set to release on mobile, PC, and consoles. Over 7 million people have signed up to play the game early.

“We’re thankful for the community’s response to Indus,” adds Roby John, co-founder and CEO of SuperGaming. We’ve been waiting to see how the game does in competitive settings with India’s top teams since our last community playtest at our studio. We can’t thank them enough for helping us create India’s biggest ever battle royale.

To participate in the Indus Battle Royale event, the following groups have been invited:

  • Orangutan
  • Godlike Esports
  • Team 8bit
  • Global Esports
  • Enigma Gaming
  • Reckoning Esports

There will also be teams comprised of Indus content developers, members of the community, and the winners of previous playtests present. There is a total of Rs. 10,00,000 up for grabs, with the winners taking home Rs. 5,00,000 and the runners-up, third- and fourth-place finishers each receiving Rs. 2,50,000, Rs. 1,00,000, and 50,000. The top performer would get Rs. 1,00,000.

This esports event will utilize a version of Indus that includes all of Virlok, which includes the game’s map, better control choices, design balances, and improvements across graphics, animations, and sound. Information on what to do next is available here.

This official esports event is the sixth time SuperGaming has invited its community to play the game, and players will be able to give their ideas on many areas of the game and influence the way SuperGaming creates its most ambitious product yet.

This follows the same pattern as SuperGaming’s other smash blockbusters, such as MaskGun and Silly Royale. Over 80 million people have downloaded the multiplayer shooter MaskGun since its release because of the developer’s unwavering dedication to its player base, which has resulted in the game’s largest community members being featured in-game and the game’s developers commemorating India-specific festivities like Diwali.

The first Indus Battle Royale esports event will be broadcast live on the platform’s official Discord channel. Spots are limited, so make sure you get there early to get one. If you want to learn more, join our Discord.

How to Get Indus Closed Beta Keys

Pre-registering on Google Play will get you in as one of the first players in the Indus Battle Royale Closed Beta. Players that sign up early have a better chance of receiving an Indus Closed Beta Key. If you want to be informed about impending key drops, you can join the Indus Discord server. There is a shortage of keys.

In addition to the official Indus Battle Royale website, you can learn more about the game and its development by visiting YouTube, Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.

About SuperGaming

SuperGaming was created by industry veterans Roby John, Sanket Nadhani, Christelle D’cruz, Sreejit J, and Navneet Waraich, and is now one of India’s most prominent gaming firms. SuperPlatform is the company’s own gaming platform for running hyperscale, real-time multiplayer games like the official PAC-MAN game, which it developed in addition to other popular mobile games including MaskGun, Silly Royale, and Tower Conquest.

The breadth and depth of the portfolio’s genres demonstrate the founding team’s flexibility and expertise in game design. SuperGaming is headquartered in Pune and Singapore, and it employs 150 people total.

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