Infolinks Review: Make Money Using Intent Based Ads

Infolinks review

If you are a Blogger or a running website online to make money then this article is for you! You must have heard about Online Advertisements that you can add it on your website and you started earning money based on your traffic. Traditionally, Ad Banners are provided by different ad networks to install in your website. It take space and in most cases CTR (Click-through Rate) is close to Zero, which means your earning also be very low. Don’t Worry! Here we will talk about a New way of Advertisements “Intent Based Ads” by Infolinks, that will increase your revenue as well as you can install it with other ad network as well. Isn’t it Great!


Infolinks provides global advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers worldwide. They are a perfect non-competitive compliment or alternative to Google AdSense. Their innovative intent-driven ads are proven to reach the audience in real-time when users are most engaged resulting in a 90% viewability rate. Infolinks’ high payout rate, fully customizable and intent-driven ads are just one of the many reasons why Infolinks is the leader in the industry and the number one choice for making money from your website.

Quick Features of Infolinks for Publishers:

  • High Earnings
  • Easy integration
  • Fully customizable ad units
  • Low payout threshold and payment methods
  • Integrated Intent-based ad units

Infolinks’ revolutionary intent-based ads target user intent and achieve higher engagement rates. They analyze content and deliver relevant ads in real time which improve publisher earnings. These factors result in high-performing ads and provide a solution to “banner blindness.”

Another benefit of Infolinks is they create ‘new’ ad experiences and do not compete but actually compliment Google AdSense or other network ads. So you can increase your total site earnings by having both.

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Plus, Infolinks’ innovative ads blend in with the page and look like part of the webpage’s content rather than an ad, so they are not intrusive to readers.

Website Approval Policy:

One of the many benefits to using Infolinks is that it is available to any online publisher, regardless of their size. There are no startup fees, minimum requirements, or hidden commitments.

Codeless Integration:

Integrating Infolinks onto your website/blog is as easy as 1, 2, 3! All you have to do is copy and paste the code into your website, and you’re ready to go. Infolinks also has a WordPress plugin that will integrate the code for you. All you have to do is install the plugin.

5 Unique Ad Units:

One of the things that make Infolinks unique is their intent based ad units which reach the right audience and deliver ads in real-time when users are most engaged and relevant leading to 90% viewability rates.

  • InFold: InFold ads appear right above the fold, providing you with results of up to 30x the engagement of standard display ads!infolinks infold ads
  • InFrame: InFrame ads take advantage of unused real estate on wide desktop screens and display perfectly timed, relevant ads alongside your content.inFrame infolinks ads
  • InArticle: InArticle is a highly viewable ad unit that expands in-between the text when a user engages with your content. InArticle serves top brand ads based on the content and user intent in various formats including video and native, to boost engagement and revenue. inarticle ads infolinks
  • InText:  InText ads are native and highly effective. They scan your page’s content in real time and matches the most relevant ads to the top keywords. The ads only appear when a user hovers over the highlighted keyword.ontext ads infolinks
  • InTag: InTag ad units display the most valuable keywords directly related to the content of a page. These ads are shown only when a user hovers over the keyword and matches several ad formats to increase performance up to 3x!intag ads infolinks

Payment Options:

Infolinks offers a variety of flexible payment options for their users including:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Wire
  • eCheck
  • ACH (for U.S. bank accounts)
  • Payoneer

Full Control and Customization of Ads:

Infolinks publishers have full control of their ads. You can manually integrate the various ad types and position them in any location. Publishers can also customize the color, style, font and more to match the look and feel of your website.

Infolinks for Advertisers: AdShop

Infolinks also provides a self-serve advertising platform called AdShop to buy traffic on Infolinks publishers.

infolinks for advertisers adshop

Infolinks AdShop is the ideal platform for advertisers. AdShop is a self-serve advertising platform made solely for advertisers. Their main users are site owners, small businesses, and affiliates. Creating a campaign only takes seconds so you can start reaching your audience in no time.

No Ad Experience? No Problem!

You don’t need to have ad experience to integrate Infolinks. Infolinks is user-friendly, and their dashboard will guide you through the entire process of setting up your ads.

CPC Model:

AdShop’s pricing model ranks number 1 against competitors. AdShop is CPC based which means you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad.

Advanced Tracking Options:

Infolinks offers numerous tracking options including:

  • Post-Back URL
  • Conversion Pixel
  • Dynamic Macros
  • 3rd Party Impressions tracking

Low Startup Fee:

Other ad networks typically have high startup fees. With AdShop, sign up is free! All you have to do is pre-pay $25 to start your first campaign.

Advanced Keyword and Geo Targeting Options:

With Infolinks, keyword approval is fast and easy. They also offer numerous ways to target your audience.

Geo-Targeting Your Campaign:

Infolinks allows you to reach your audience by targeting or excluding locations through various geo-targeting options.

  • Geo-location targeting: Section of Continent, Country, Region/State, City, and postal code.
  • Include/Exclude
  • Country targeting: Start typing your geo-location target inside the field or click the “Full list” button to view the full country tree where you can check the desired geo-location area.

Advanced Fraud Detection:

Infolinks’ advanced fraud detection methods ensure that all interaction with Infolinks ads is legitimate. This means you only pay for real clicks, guaranteeing that your money is generating potential leads.

Referral Program: Refer and Earn 10%

Infolinks offers a referral program where you receive can receive a 10% commission for each of your advertiser referrals’ revenue for 12 months using your unique URL.

Infolinks Review: Bottom Line

Infolinks is the perfect ad network for large and small publishers and advertisers alike and will help you earn a lot of money from your site. Most importantly, their ads are relevant and don’t come across as annoying, so they are actually helpful to your readers. Bottom line, Infolinks is the number one ad network.


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