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Around 90 million people in the world use iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. However, managing the iPhone with a window computer is somehow complex. For example, if you want to transfer your photos from an iPhone to a laptop, then it will definitely take more time than single clicks. But fortunately, IOTransfer has the easiest solution for the iOS users because IOTransfer users can easily and swiftly transfer files, images, videos, and data from their iOS device to and from a computer. But why IOTransfer? There are many software’s that promises the same feature as IOTransfer does but most of them are heavy, slow, space and RAM occupied. IOTransfer is also a wise option for those who don’t have a fast computer.

IOTransfer is basically a tool that groups all iCloud photos, movies, videos and audios in a single place.

IOTransfer as an iPhone transfer software is not only lightweight but also requires very few clicks to download. You can get the downloadable file from the website The best thing about IOTransfer is that it is not only a file transfer software, but it also is a perfect YouTube video downloader that allows users to download videos from YouTube, Netflix and another online video website in any format that includes MP4, MKV, MPG, 3GP and many more. There are not many video downloaders available for iOS devices with such ease.

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Another unique feature of IOTransfer is converting HEIC file to JPG. iPhone saves the file in the HEIC format that don’t normally runs on a computer unless you have some special software to run HEIC format. With IOTransfrer you can simply convert HEIC to JPG format meanwhile maintain the quality of the picture. Moreover, IOTransfer is an ideal software for eBook fans as well. People these days love to read ebooks on iPhone and iPad, so with IOTransfer they can transfer the eBooks to iOS devices to enjoy them regardless of time and place.

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We believe that appearance should not be the only quality that a phone should possess. A good smartphone should provide users with flexibility, functionality, and stability. IOTransfer is definitely a software that makes iOS devices as flexible as their user wants it to be and as stable as you expected. With IOTransfer, you can transfer files easily to the iPhone, download YouTube videos with just a click and convert HEIC to JPG with ease. Download IOTransfer right now from to enjoy the features with your iOS devices more smoothly!

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