Jump.trade the largest NFT marketplace in India touches 100,000 sign ups

Jump.trade the largest NFT marketplace

Jump.trade is one of the major players when it comes to the NFT marketplace. It has been serving as a platform for users to trade and buy many digital collectables.

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It has been in the news lately as it has crossed the mark of 1,00,000 sign-ups, and it is all prepared to venture into maiden gaming that goes by the name of Meta Cricket League by the end of June. It will be an interesting one as the players can earn cash prizes and other rewards by competing with others and scoring better on the leaderboard.

This game by Jump.trade is said to be available across all the mobile and web platforms. In the last 60 days, many sign-ups have been done, and a lot of trading and selling was seen in terms of NFTs. Some of those initial digital assets are being traded for values 10x and 200x.

The cricket fan base is the largest in India, and many users flock to cricket games as per the Google Play Store statistics. Mr. Kameshwaran Elangovan, co-founder and COO, said, “We are extremely delighted to have emerged as the flag bearers of the NFT bandwagon in the country.”

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He added, “With NFTs not being restricted to just mere digital indulgences and entering the mainstream with their numerous applications, the launch of The Meta Cricket League (MCL), a cricket-based NFT game that allows players to earn while they play, is certainly a dream come true for gamers across the country. Cricket as a sport already rules the hearts of countless Indians, and we are confident that the MCL will be a sensational success story with NFT enthusiasts and gaming lovers everywhere.”

With almost 10,000 new visitors joining daily, there has been an average trade volume of $ 10,000 to $ 25,000 on a daily basis. As per the reports, there are 85% of men and 15% of women are represented as NFT holders in the Jump.trade ecosystem.

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This B2C gaming brand is currently taking a slight edge as the world progresses towards “web3”. They are expected to grow even further with such growth and some good numbers. This meta cricket league is expected to create more awareness and adoption by other consumers across India. The emotion of cricket is strong in India, and with that emotion, the company expects its launch to reach people of different ages, regions, and. Languages.

In case you want to know or read more about their current undertakings, you can check out their blog on their website.

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