Keep Your Eyes On The Road Using HUDWAY CAST

Keep Your Eyes On The Road Using HUDWAY CAST 1

Co-founded by Ivan, Alex and Irina, HUDWAY Cast is a project that provides you with a head-up display for your car which ensures proper directions and also lets you control your music as well as receive any calls or texts. This whole device is focused on the sole purpose of safe driving and minimize the drivers’ distraction. It is portable to use and provides you with the necessary information while driving.

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How does it work?

It works wirelessly with your smartphones and unlike them, it doesn’t block your view or distracts you from driving. The external display which is used changes its brightness, transparency, and contrast according to the conditions you are driving in. The projection quality doesn’t depend on the brightness of the smartphone screen. It provides easy access to calls just by simple swipes and to avoid reading the messages you can reply with a quick voice or a template message. Music can be accessed the same way by just a few swipes.


  • Navigation using Waze, Google Maps etc.
  • Accessibility to calls and messages.
  • Access to music via Spotify etc.
  • Access to your favourite widgets.
  • Easy to install and can mirror any app.
  • Supports both Android and iOS devices.

Why should you buy it?

Keep Your Eyes On The Road Using HUDWAY CAST

“Phone distraction occurred on 52% of all trips that ended in a crash.”- Cambridge Mobile Telematics. To avoid such tragedies this device comes into play and acts as your navigator and lets you access your essentials like calls or messages without any distractions which further leads to a safer driving. It’s affordable and it ensures your safety behind the wheel.


The product is currently available on preorder basis on, so go ahead and order you first smart navigator, the price of the product is 179 USD.

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