Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone Review – Best Gaming Headset?

Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone Review

We all love to listen to music on our Headphones and Gamers love to play games on their gaming headsets as well. In this Article, I will show you the Review of Headset from Kingston more specifically is the entry-level headset to the HyperX Cloud series. It’s called the Hyper X Cloud drone. So without wasting any more time let’s jump right into on the headset. As Kingston main focus for these headsets is for gamers due to which the actual headset itself color in the combination of red and black which looks pretty nice to me.

It’s mostly built out of plastic and feels fairly good in the hand, the ear cups are made out of leather, and they’re really very comfortable. The headset in general feels lightweight with an adjustable headband as well as questioning on the band for comfortable use.

Kingston-HyperX-Cloud-Drone-volume-controlOn the right earcup, you will get a hyperX branding and a knob to adjust volume which I must say is an amazing feature. I can change the audio volume without having going into the settings which really helps me a lot while gaming.

Kingston-HyperX-Cloud-Drone-mic-techniblogicOn the left earcup, there is again some hyperx branding and the microphone. The microphone is not detachable which sometimes effect you while using the headphone. When the mic is at a 90-degree angle is completely muted and when you move it down it gets un-muted that’s a sweet little feature as per my opinion.

The audio recording using the mic sounds pretty decent and I would totally use it while gaming chats or even while some long phone calls. Finally coming to the audio quality the headset has 40-millimeter drivers with the frequency range of 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz. Overall it sounds decent. We get the proper balance between bass and treble. Rest as it is a gaming headset the most which a person need is mids. This is because while gaming you can hear all sought of background sound of gun shots, footsteps very clearly. If you want to listen to music on these headphones, it is decent too, but I would suggest you use some Equalizer tweaking which makes it sound a lot better.

Finally coming to the pricing part, in India it is available at Rs 2600 whereas globally it is sold for about 40$. I think with this price this could be the best gaming headset you can get in the market. Else If you have any other suggestions let me know in the comment section down below.

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