Kumiita is a Smart Robotic Toy of Future for Kids

Kumiita is a Smart Robotic Toy

ICON Corp, a Japanese tech company has launched Kumiita. Kumiita is an educational robotic toy from Japan that teaches the concept of coding to kids who are 3-year-olds. It offers programming experience without any language barrier. The concept represented in this unique set of panels will teach children computational coding.

The technology behind it?

Kumiita is a programmable robot that reads commands, and it moves over brightly coloured cards. Commands include animal sounds, flashing lights, and music notes. As the commands are detected on the panels, the robot will perform activities accordingly. If you reach the “goal” panel without any interruptions, then you have created a successful program. As it is made for little children, who are between 0-3 years, so it doesn’t require any specific language.


  • It comes with an alkaline battery which will last for one day.
  • It has LED colours blue, green, red and yellow which makes it more attractive.
  • The robot has Grid input technology which works coordinately with the pattern recognition scanner.
  • The robot has a maximum speed of 28.8 mm/s.
  • It is 120 mm in height and 78 mm in
  • It weighs 250 g.


Kumiit let your little ones to use their knowledge and helps them in understanding the concepts of programming for their better future. It will let your children explore more in the field of coding and empower their analytical ability. Which will make your children smarter and helps them learn while having fun?


Kumiit is exclusively available on kickstarter.com at $315. It also offers international shipping and reward points.

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