Lampix is the New AR Projector that You Need on your Desk

Lampix is the New AR Projector that You Need on your Desk 1

Machine learning is a field of computer science that gives computer systems the ability to “learn” with data, without being explicitly programmed. One of the devices that makes use of Machine learning is Lampix. Lampix is an interactive tabletop that uses Machine learning and use Block Chain based image sourcing to recognise, reveal and react to the visual world.

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By using this device, you can enjoy gaming experience or it can be said that you can enhance your gaming experience because this device gives the feel of real-world objects within the digital gaming space. With enhanced graphics and audio, you can also take your clever role-playing games to the next level. The extra plus point of this device is that you can make a family-time app without increasing screen time.

How do Lampix works?

Speaking about the design and structure, Lampix looks like a LED table lamp, but it consists of high definition projector and camera. The projector is used to display your screen on a flat surface. The Lampix uses machine learning so it recognises fine hand movements and smartly responds to an ever-growing list of real words object, making interaction possible on a broad scale.

Features/ Specifications:

Lampix is the New AR projector that You Need on your Desk

  1. It creates dynamic collaboration for both onsite and remote employees.
  2. It can also offer in-store experience to the customers.
  3. This device enhances the modern living by building live family walls.
  4. It also uses dynamic learning to share skills like cooking, crafts etc.
  5. This device is weighted approximately 6 lbs.
  6. You can connect this device to WiFi, LAN and Bluetooth.
  7. App runtime environment includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

Do I really need it?

Lampix AR System powered by Blockchain Technology Conference room and cubicles. Restaurants and stores. Kitchen tables and gaming tables. They all can come to life with Lampix. Manual documentation takes a lot of time, Lampix has the application for document scanning and sharing that will save your time. It also has many applications like fruit recognition and recommendation app, game development app, image recognition trainer. You can also get the benefits of powerful object detection system with your own HTML5 based apps. So many reasons to have it on your desk.


The Lampix is available on, at a minimal price of 400 USD. So, grab it ASAP.

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