Latest Free Fire Update Brings Popular Requests to the Game

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Free Fire by Garena is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile and the games latest patch update launches on April 9.  It is to be noted that the games highly requested ranked mode for Clash Squad will be available soon after this update. With respect to motorbikes, the latest update will let two players ride to the motorbike.

In just a few months, Clash Squad became the permanent game mode in Free Fire and has quickly become a favorite mode among players. Clash Squad- Ranked is now available in pre-season for all those enthusiastic gamers who are ready to take their game to a more competitive level. Clash Squad- Ranked is now available in pre-season with a different kind of ranking mechanism compared to the ranked mode in the Battle Royale mode. The pre-season is the time where the mode will be monitored to enhance the player experience in preparation for the official season launch that will be coming soon. However, with the availability of Clash Squad-Ranked during the pre-season, the other mode i.e. Clash Squad’s classic mode will still continue to be available for the players.

What’s New?

  • Entry of the newest character
  1. There is an entry of the newest character, named Kapella. She joins the game as the lead singer of a k-pop band.
  2. Kapella has a soothing voice and a positive personality that can heal anyone, including herself.
  3. In the game, Kapella increases the effects of healing items and healing skills while her Healing Song passive skill will reduce ally’s speed of HP loss when knocked down.
  • Availability of new weapons
  1. With the release of the latest patch, two new weapons will be available too.
  2. Weapons names are – the Thompson and the Smoke Grenade.
  3. The Thompson is an SMG with a large magazine that will only be available in Classic mode.
  4. . The Smoke Grenade is more of a strategic weapon that will only be available in Clash Squad

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