LattePanda Alpha – Soul of a MacBook in a Pocket-sized Board

LattePanda Alpha

Lattepanda alpha, a hackable computer that is made for your big ideas. It comes with Intel 7th generation core m3 processor as the latest mac book and three CPUs. Lattepanda alpha is yet another revolution to define a new era of computing not just for enthusiasts, but also for everyone who uses a computer system.  Lattepanda alpha is the world’s most powerful hackable device with the soul of a MacBook in a phone sized board.

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How do Lattepanda works?

In order to interact between different platforms, a streaming cable has been introduced.  The streaming cable enables your windows enabled, lattepanda device to act like a USB on a MAC or LINUX system, just plug and play into your device Apple/Linux device.


LattePanda Alpha - Soul of a MacBook in a Pocket-sized Board

  1. It is an emblem of performance embodying the best 8GB RAM, built-in EMMC 5.0 memory and 9000 MHz graphics dynamic frequency.
  2. It is the world’s first hackable computer synthesized with window 10 Pro, supplemented with LINUX UBUNTU compatibility.
  3. Ultimate networking on clouds and things like 4.2 Bluetooth, 802.11 AC WiFi and gigabit Ethernet.
  4. Up to 42 expandable interfaces i.e true hackability and rich playability.

Why should one go for lattepanda?

LattePanda Alpha - Soul of a MacBook in a Pocket-sized Board

The core m3 processor used in lattepanda alpha is the perfect choice for superior performance and low power consumption.  In additional one should also go for lattepanda alpha because the size has been shrunken from a laptop to the size of a phone.


The Latteoanda alpha is available on, at a minimal price of 179 USD. So grab it before it goes out of stock.

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