LeEco Le 2 VS Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: Detailed Comparison

LeEco Le 2 VS Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 techniblogic

The smartphone industries are changing continuously, new handsets are launched in the market very frequently. After the great success of LeEco Le 1s, LeEco comes with its new Budget Phone i.e. LeEco Le 2. In the market, but there is already a competitor in budget segment which is Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.

LeEco and Xiaomi are two Chinese smartphone manufacturers that are building a great product in a decent price range. Both companies are capturing the Indian Market at there massive speed. Now the question is Le 2 VS Redmi Note 3 Which one is best ? Which Phone should you buy? Let’s find out…

Build Quality and Design

LeEco-Le-2-VS-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-3-techniblogic-designThese days when we are in search of new smartphone design plays an important role in it. They don’t want a flat box with big hardware specs. They prefer the more attractive design and good build quality. Both the phones have a premium metal build which looks great. LeEco Le 2 comes with more slim design and mirror-finished fingerprint sensor at the back which looks more attractive, comparing to than the Redmi Note 3. Le 2 is also a bit light weight than Redmi Note 3.


As we come to the right side of both the devices, they both has power lock key as well as volume control buttons with a good metallic finish on it. These buttons provide proper tactile feel while you press them continuously. LeEco-Le-2-VS-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-3-techniblogic-bottom

At the bottom of both the devices ,Le 2 comes with a Type-C charging port, Loud Speaker and mic as well. Whereas Redmi Note 3 has Normal Charging Port with no fast charging and no fast data transfer as well. Where as here Le 2 again take a lead, as you get the ability of fast charging as well as you can listen high-quality lossless audio from that USB Type-c Port as it also supports CDLA, which is arguably more future proof.

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Le 2 is has a Dual SIM tray on the left side, yes it is not having any hybrid tray you can’t add SD card to it. But where as in Redmi Note 3 you will get a hybrid tray in which you can add 2 sims or 1 sim + Sd card. So here Redmi Note 3 comes in leads in terms of storage capacity.LeEco-Le-2-VS-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-3-techniblogic-ir-blaster

Now when we see the top of both the phones, you may find something missing in Le 2. As Le 2 doesn’t have 3.5mm jack, yes LeEco is the World’s first company to launch CDLA technology which can help you to listen lossless high quality of music. Some people may not prefer that phone which doesn’t have traditional 3.5mm jack but you will get a Type-C to 3.5mm port adaptor in the box. Another than this both comes with IR blaster on the top which works fine, but on Le 2 it is much easy to connect with other Devices like even AC (Air-conditioner works)



Both the devices offer a 1080p display with 5.5 inches screen size. As we compare to higher brightness level, Redmi Note 3 can have higher brightness level than Le 2. Redmi Note 3 is also offering a slightly higher pixel density of 403ppi compared to the 401ppi found on the LeEco Le 2, but this doesn’t effect much. The Le 2 comes with blue eye filtering technology, which claims to reduce visual fatigue effectively this will to help reduce eye strain while using the phone for longer time period.

Performance & Speed Test


The Performance of any smartphone depends on processor installed in that smartphone. The Le 2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 MSM8976 which is more powerful then Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon 650 chipset. In the case of performance Le 2 takes the lead as it comes with a better processor. But the real performance and speed of the handset depend on the OS which it is running. Xiaomi MIUI is very smooth and fast in terms of memory management and optimizations whereas LeEco is working hard on their eUI to be the best in the market.

They are giving additional services which they are calling Le Membership worth Rs 4,900 for Free in which you can watch premium movies, Live TV shows for Free. As well as currently they are planning to give 5TB of Free Cloud Storage on their server calling it as LeCloud. This will be the game changing offer as no one in the market giving such huge amount of cloud data storage.

Both the the Devices are coming with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of inbuilt storage. (We doesn’t testing Redmi Note 3 2GB RAM Version) .In addition, Redmi Note 3 can increase their memory by installing a Memory Card in it where as in Le 2 you are limited to the 32GB version.

Benchmark Le 2 Score Redmi Note 3 Score
Antutu 81292 52321

Full Speed test comparison Video well be uploaded soon.



Both the handsets come with 16MP rear camera that shots really good images in different lighting conditions. Unlike to the previous version Le 2 shots better pics then Redmi Note 3. Both have F2.0 Aperture which helps to shot in low light conditions. As the personal experience Le 2 Camera Speed is much faster then Redmi Note 3. Again in Video, Le 2 take leads as it supports 4k recording which takes high quality of the video. For more In-depth detail, full comparison video is coming soon.LeEco-Le-2-VS-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-3-techniblogic-front-camera

As we move to the front ,Le 2 has 8MP camera where as Redmi Note 3 has only 5MP Camera. On paper again Le 2 takes a lead, but when we tested it both the camera are pretty much same . Le 2 has improved the front camera from the past Le 1s but then also it is quite similar to the Redmi Note 3. For In-depth detailed video is coming soon.

Camera Samples

More Camera Samples of Redmi Note 3 & Le 2 are Coming Soon


LeEco Le 2 VS Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 techniblogic

Before we end the comparison, let’s take a look at the battery of these two smartphones. Redmi Note 3 offers 4050mAh capacity battery where as Le 2 offers only 3000mAh capacity battery, which is relatively quite lower when compared to Redmi Note 3. Redmi Note 3 has a bigger battery but other than this you will get Fast Charging support in Le 2 which is really very helpful to charge your phone in 60 to 70mins (0-100%).


On the basis of Testing both the phones, we can easily state some things, like in design point of view Le 2 is better, when it comes to performance again Le 2 is Better, Camera quality is quite similar and when it comes to battery Redmi Note 3 is still better the Le 2. But the question is which smartphone should you buy ? As per my personal opinions, you must buy as per your requirements if you need a bigger battery you can go Redmi Note 3. If you need better performance and design you can go for LeEco Le 2 and don’t forget that LEco 2 also has CDLA technology which is the future and the sound output from it is just mind boggling.

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  1. How come your rn3p has only 50k-ish score on antutu. Mine and my friend’s rn3p reaches 75k average whenever we tested. Did you tried it only once? Anyway, leEco2 really look stunning. Damn sleek I’d love to hold one on my hand

  2. Thanks for the review and comparison. Recently I checked out more reviews about LeEco and they seem to be quiet reliable and stable devices at a much cheaper price range.

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