What is CDLA? How it Works? Can it replace 3.5 jack in future Phones?


Before you ask what is this feature and what it does? I want to let you know that the first smartphone without the headphone jack have been launched, and the devices are Le2 and LeMax 2 which are a product of LeEco, a Chinese manufacturer. The company said that these devices comes with an incredible Type-C technology in terms of audio experience, which is known as CDLA.

What is CDLA?

CDLA stands for Continual digital lossless audio, which basically gives an end-to-end true lossless audio sound. Forget 24-bit audio, beats audio or Dolby digital this is the new immersive audio experience in town. In CDLA the audio is precisely correct and attenuation-free because the power that needs to amplify the digital signal and boost it up to the headphone is available than the needed power. The rest is taken care by the Type-C port, Aftermath is a true lossless audio output.

What is CDLA techniblogic
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How is it different than 3.5mm jack?

3.5mm headphone jack
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The music file that is stored on our smartphone are mainly in Mp3 or Wav format, now these formats are stored in digital form, but when it goes to the headphone a DAC (Digital to analog converter) converts the digital signal into an analog signal so it can transmit to the headphone. The point here is that the converts need to be very precise in converting the signal and if it’s not optimized to that level it adds up interruptions or noises into the audio. Even if you manage to fully optimize the DAC you’ll still not be able to hear a lossless sound because on the way to the output the signal will drop average 20db of bandwidth.

Is there any particular audio format for Lossless audio?

The concept of Mp3 was to compress the raw audio file into a short and more reliable format so people can share music and save some space for other music files. But what happened when you compress a file, obviously the converter will lose some of the data signals so it can reduce the amount of memory the file is taking. What happen when you convert a 1080p full HD video into a 3gp file, the converter reduces the picture quality and sound, but you’ll still get the full video; probably in less MB. The same thing happened when a raw audio file is converted into an MP3 file, some amount of audio will definitely get loosed.

mp3 vs flac
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The audio recording companies have tried very hard to make a lossless audio file, so no matter how much you increase the volume, the audio should not get distorted and can give a true audio experience. There is an audio format which is known as FLAC or Apple Lossless audio format. Which are deemed as lossless audio files, these files are larger in size? Simply because they store much bandwidth of signal than the casual MP3 file. The .flac files are pretty good in hearing and are very much close to the lossless audio but if you listen into a 3.5mm jack of headphone, it may not give that immersive audio which you’ll get in the new USB Type-C port. So, voila the Type-C is the new better and efficient audio port. We will probably see most of them in the coming year.

The World’s first Type-C CDLA earphones were launched by LeEco.With Type-C integration, CDLA is taking things to a new level of convenience and New Audio quality.

new CLDA earphones launched by LeEco
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