How LeEco is Shaking the Indian TV market


The TV market in India is the only market which is not being shaken up by any of the Chinese giants. But finally, LeEco has come up with a bang and shake all big giants by their pricing and the quality which they are offering. Till now only, the smartphone market was disrupted with so many brands, and finally, LeEco is here for budget segment high-end smart TVs. Same like Smartphones are the smart TV’s, ultimately used to entertain. There are a whole number of segments in smartphone industry as per their price and specs, And now finally the same is going to start in the television segment, because of the quality, features and price which LeEco is offering is just a starting to the competition which will ultimately be going to benefit consumer only. Unlike phones, the TV category isn’t as dynamic, and there are not so many innovations which took place. So, LeEco finally comes up with three excellent television’s, with great specs, features, and quality.


LeEco is already active in Indian market by their different products like LeEco Le1s, LeEco Le2, LeEco LeMax 2 Etc. After that, they just added up an innovation in their product range which is proving a great Ecosystem of Watching TV, Movies on the go.

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Coming to the LeEco in India, they are come up with three variants, Out of which the lowest model which they bought up is Super3 X55, which is a 55-inch television that comes with a 4K UHD display. This SuperTV is a super-slim device which powered by quad-core ARM Cortex A17 processor and loaded with to 2GB RAM for a smooth overall experience. It supports all kind of Codec, means you can play almost any Video format in the TV like MKV, MP4, etc. For connectivity purpose, there you get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and different inputs ports, which allows you to connect multiple devices to the TV.

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The Android Smart system runs LeEco own UI which we see in our LeEco smartphones as well, which is EUI 5.5 based on Android. It offers clean and smooth interface and you can easily run different games and apps on it. It also has a well-designed remote with some really smart features. Coming to the design part it has a Diamond-cut aluminium single frame edges with anodizing coating on it. The stand it comes up is having a unique wave-shaped base which highlights the design of the TV.

Coming to the Super3 X65, it is a 65-inches 4k UHD TV , and offers more RAM and storage compare to the lower model. After that comes the final and the top most model Super3 Max65, which not only give you all the functions of smart Tv with a large display but also adds up 3D viewing capabilty. It carries up A+ grade IPS panel with 120Hz refresh rate, which is great for pro High end gamer. In terms of sound, the television comes up with 40W (10W x 2 + 20W x 1 Woofer) which give an awesome sound effect.

Now these televisions offers some great thing in your budget. Now you don’t need to pay double of its amount for same quality and features. We normally pay a lot for these kind of TV’s. Coming to the pricing, LeEco’s pricing is truly blow away your mind. The Super3 X55 4K UHD TV is priced at Rs 59,790 which is a price killer as no other company is offering such quality with 4K display and additional 2 years of LeEco Ecosystem for this price. The X65 will cost you Rs 99,790, while the Super3 Max65 will set you back by Rs 1,49,790. All these prices are all inclusive of shipping, installation, 2-year warranty on the TV, and 4-year warranty on the display panel, which no other company is offering till now.

If you want same from some other company you need to pay double or more than double for it and after that also you have to pay shipping, installation extra. You wont even get High quality 2 year online content free like we get in LeEco Tv’s. The whole content offering is worth of Rs 9,800.

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Now, keeping all these things in mind, you will surely going to love this television. you don’t need to worry about cable not coming or light is out, just connect it using you Jio internet or any other and watch TV online using Le Live.

Ultimately you gonna love it.

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