LeMall Exclusive Online Store coming in India with LeEco’s #SuperProducts

LeMall Exclusive Online Store coming in India with LeEco's #SuperProducts 1

LeEco, formerly known as Letv, will be introducing its own e -commerce platform to sell its #SuperProducts and accessories — smartphones, TVs, premium earphones,Bluetooth headsets, 3D helmets, and internet-enabled electric bicycles.

The company says that LeMall has proven to be highly successful during their global expansion in the USA and Hong Kong, and now they are ready to introduce it in India
at http://in.lemall.com.

LeMall Exclusive Online Store coming in India

LeMall is coming to india for Awesome Sale of LeEco #SuperProducts.Considering LeEco’s amazing success in India with the launch of its #SuperPhones Le is and Le Max, and its burgeoning LeMe Community filled with outstanding #SuperFans, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that LeMall is going to be yet another success in a year that has already been very successful for LeEco and its community of #SuperFans!

Currently Lemall India is in BETA

Currently Lemall India is in BETA but it is fully online soon with the amazing super deals and offers of their super products.LeEco already prove they success in india by sell its SuperPhones in India in such a short period of time.They eslished a well-known brand and has power to change the meaning of technology and gadgets with new innovations and thier creativity.

There are some Accessories and gadgets on in.LeMall.com such as:-

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets

3D Helmet

Leeco 3D helmets

Letv Premium earphones

Leeco premium earphones

And there are many more awesome #SuperProducts to Buy.

Stay Tuned for more Details 🙂


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