Lenovo K6 Power VS Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime Comparison : Which one is Best?


There is not an even a single week which is being left over when we don’t hear about any new phone which is being launched in the market. Today we have two different brands with two different phones, which are going to give a huge competition in Indian as well as global market.

Lenovo and Xiaomi, both are the top notch brands globally as well as in China. From past few years both the brands are working like hell to capture the maximum market by launching their best products in best price. Due to which a few weeks back Xiaomi has launched its budget device Redmi 3s prime which is one of the best-selling devices in that price, and now Lenovo has also launched its latest budget oriented phone K6 power which is surely going to give a huge competition to Xiaomi.

So, let see which one is better and what are all pros and cons for both the phones:

Build Quality and Design

Now, as I have already mentioned both the phones are under Budget segment and we should not underestimate aspect more. But what these phones are giving in this price is really great. Built Quality of both the devices are good, both the phones are made up of full metal built and symmetric Design which we see on every phone these days.


As we come to the right side of both the devices, they both has power lock key as well as volume control buttons with a good metallic finish on it. These buttons provide proper tactile feel while you press them continuously. There is no patterned feel on buttons, on any of the devices.


Coming to the down portion of the screen you will get back capacitive keys which do not light up.


At the bottom of both the devices , Redmi 3s Prime comes with a normal Micro USB charging port, primary mi, and 3.5mm Audio Jack, whereas Lenovo K6 Power has only primary Mic over there and nothing else.


On left side of both the phones are having hybrid tray in which you can add 2 sims or 1 sim + Sd card up to 256GB Storage, which means you are never going to run out of memory in any of the phones.


Now coming to the top portion of the phone, on Lenovo K6 Power you will get a 3.5mm Audio jack and a Normal Micro USB Port which sits beside it, whereas on Redmi 3s Prime you also get an IR blaster which an advantage to redmi 3s over here.


Coming to the back side of the phone both has the same 13 MP back camera with single tone Led flash and a finger print sensor which is also almost of the same kind. They both also has the speaker at there back and here we have a great difference K6 power is having a dual Stereo Dolby Atmos speaker whereas Redmi 3s Prime has a normal single speaker which makes K6 power win over here.



Now, here is a lot of difference between both the phones. Lenovo k6 Power is having a 5″ FHD display which gives 1980×1080 Resolution whereas on Redmi 3s prime you only get 5″ HD Display which give 1280×720 resolution. There is one more huge difference in Display which again gives the advantage to Lenovo K6 Power. Pixel Density of K6 power is 441ppi whereas pixel density for Redmi 3s Prime is 294ppi. This means when you will use VR headset to watch movies or play games K6 power will give you much better clarity and resolution with no pixelation. And from past Lenovo always promote there device for Vr capability and theater Max technology.

Performance & Speed Test

Now, coming to the performance part both the devices have the same hardware in it. Snapdragon 430 CPU, Adreno 505 GPU and everything is same. Both the phones come up with 3GB/32GB model.

The only point which we can consider in performance is the software which they have used because as per my experience MIUI is much stable compare to Lenovo own custom Skin. This is Lenovo has worked a lot on its UI. They have tried to add almost all the features which MIUI 8 offer like Dual system, and dual Apps.

Rest I have not tested Lenovo much so won’t comment much about its performance.


Now coming to the camera part of both the phones, the rear camera of both the phones are same which is 13MP shooter and captures almost same kind of images, some of the shots are better on k6 Power whereas some of the same shots are better on Redmi 3s. The neglected difference is there which is hard to found easily.

Coming to the front facing camera, K6 power is having an 8MP camera whereas Redmi 3s prime has a 5MP shooter. Bot capture decent images but I think K6 power has an edge over here. It is not because of its increase in Megapixels but because it captures more details with less noise compared to Redmi 3s prime.


The main focus of Lenovo k6 power is its battery, the company adds up 4000mAh battery which is little bit low compare to Redmi 3s Prime as it comes with 4100mAh. But still, it is mostly highlighted because lenovo has added a new software tweak which they are saying as the ultimate power saving mode in which your phones becomes like a featured phone with all things black and white like we see in samsung Devices earlier. Due to this tweak they can give you the maximum power. This tweak only makes the edge for K6 power in the competition with Redmi 3s Prime.


As per my views Both the devices are great in its prices. But here are few point which we need to consider like first Price.

  1. Redmi 3S prime is available for 9,000 whereas k6 Power is for 9,999 which Rs. 1000 higher.
  2. Availability of Redmi 3s prime is not easy because of flash sales, but k6 power will be easily available any time.
  3. K6 power has much better screen quality compare to redmi 3s Prime.
  4. k6 power has a stereo speaker which is way better from Redmi 3s Prime.
  5. K6 power has a better front facing the camera as well as better battery life because of its ultimate power saving mode.
  6. Redmi 3s prime has an IR blaster which is an advantage to the phone.
  7. Redmi 3s is having better Stable UI compare to which Lenovo offers.

Rest now it’s your choice which one to buy, what is your budget would you like spend 1000 bucks more or not. What is your usage and demand? Just choose one of them and let us know, why?

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