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LenovoT breakthrough in Virtual Reality gives hope to Indians suffering from mild to moderate pain


Lenovo technology breakthroughs in Virtual reality in managing pain for hospitalized children. Medical consultants are using the Lenovo Mirage™ Solo VR headset.  The headset is used as a procedural tool for young patients who go through serious illness. This technique is basically used to help young patients to reduce anxiety during mild to moderately painful procedures.

Lenovo aligns its mission – Smarter Technology for All and aims to use smarter technologies from VR to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve lives.

VR works as a calming distraction for several patients who have to undergo various painful procedures while their treatment. The VR helps in cutting down lengthy recovery times and reduces the need for medication.

This application has already been highlighted in a new film named as This is Life.  The film focuses on the Starlight Virtual Reality program at Children’s Hospital Colorado in the United States.

Lenovo today announced the results of a new global survey that shows that people in India are among the world’s strongest supporters of the potential of technologies, such as VR, to positively impact health and hence this technology has strong potential for India. Moreover, Indian respondents rank health care second in the global challenges most likely to be solved by technology (after education).

Rahul Agarwal, Regional General Manager, Lenovo India,  said that India has the right combination of strong technical knowledge and openness to make the most of technology in new ways. He further added that the application of virtual reality to areas like pain management is one of many examples of Lenovo’s commitment to creating smarter technology that transforms society.

Lenovo surveyed more than 15,000 individuals, across the US, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Japan, UK, Germany, France and Italy to gain insight into the social changes and benefits of intelligent technology and smart devices.  The survey clearly made this point clear that people all around the world believe in new technologies that have the power to transform the health care space.

Lenovo Surveyed 15,226 individuals in eight languages across ten world markets, as well as the US, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Japan, UK, Germany, France, and Italy. The survey was conducted from March 31st – April 27th, 2019 and it probed respondents on how they view the role of technology in their lives and in society, both today and in the future.

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LenovoT breakthrough in Virtual Reality gives hope to Indians suffering from mild to moderate pain 1
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