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Let’s Save Bats and Eliminate Pests with BatBnB 🦇

Nature plays tricks with the everyone, and that trick is maintaining a balance, which should be maintained between the human beings and wildlife. We all know the human population is increasing rapidly, which we can’t control and at the same time, many policies are also made for wildlife conservations, mammal’s which need to be protected from extinction. In addition to this, a product from Indiegogo has become a marvel in wildlife conservation.

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BatBnB is the fastest selling bat house in the market that aims at conserving species of bats. BatBnB allows people to do their part to support threatened bat population.

How Does BatBnB works?

The BatBnB is made entirely of wood and each unit can be placed either on a wall, shed, or pole in a yard. When local bats emerge from hibernation they’ll find your BatBnB and will gladly call it home.


  1. BatBnB offers bat a comfortable and stylish home to raise puppies so that their existence is never questioned.
  2. BatBnB is also a perfect replacement for pesticides as it can eat 1000 of insects in a single go.
  3. Every BatBnB is made from sustainable sources, rot-resistant cedar and has a water-based finish to further protect the outdoors.

Tell me why should I buy it?

real image of batbnb bat houseWell, there are certainly not any specific reason to have a closet full of bats in your home, we know they are a little scary but so does Pitbulls and snakes and another wild life predator that we know of. But what also important is the conservation of these mammals like bees and bats etc. These bats will keep your family safe from harmful pest, so clean pest free environment means no weird mosquito sickness at all. And the plus point is if your Batman fan then you have your own person cave full of protective bats.


The BatBnB is available on indegogo.com, at a minimal price of 209 USD. So grab it and contribute to the environment.

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