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LG G8X ThinQ With Detachable Dual Display Launched in India


LG Electronics today announced the launch of LG G8XThinQ.  It is the newest G series smartphone that features a dual-screen.  This dual-screen smartphone is designed to help users to find a whole new way to multitask and offers consumers an entirely new way to interact with a mobile device and user in new possibilities for mobile gaming, content creation and consumption, productivity and much more.

Benefits of the Dual Screen :

  1. The dual-screen lets consumers be as productive as they can be.
  2. It allows users to perform multitask without any interruption. Users can text a friend while watching a video. Or the users can write an email while referencing a presentation.
  3. The dual screen provides more control for scenarios where two identical OLED displays simply work better than one, saving precious screen real estate.
  4. LG dual Screen comes with a convenient cover display, with the fundamentals like notifications, date, time, battery life available at a glance.
  5. The LG GamePad is an immersive dual screen experience which is designed basically for users who need to level-up mobile gaming. The dual screen gives gamers a complete view of a game on one screen and a full control on the other. Hence, giving the options to select from multiple virtual controllers or build a custom layout to match specific game play needs and styles.

Users can also choose to remove the G dual Screen from LG G8XThinQ by detaching it. Moreover, the LG Smart Keyboard converts LG G8XThinQ Dual Screen into a mini-laptop. The bottom display converts into a full-screen virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard makes easier to write emails, edit presentations, text, or search the web in full-screen on the top display.

Advait Vaidya, Business Head – Mobile Division, LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd said that the introduction of LG G8X ThinQ is the best smartphone for all the smartphone users out there.  The two displays allow two apps to run parallel on each screen and thus making multitasking much easier for its users. He further added that this smartphone will redefine the way the consumers interact with the device. He said that the brand will continue to innovate and expand the world of their smartphones and the Dual Screen and continue our journey to help create the best user experience


  • It comes with the identical 6.4-inch display of LG Dual Screen for double the productivity and fun.
  • It comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor makes locking and unlocking the LG G8XThinQ , even with the Dual Screen folded back.
  • It comes with an ambient light sensor that adjusts the contrast to maximize image details and reduce eye strain.
  • It comes with a 32MP selfie camera and 4K Time-Lapse lets users create artistic time-lapse videos in stunning 4K resolution while LG Steady Cam provides enhanced image stability for footage that looks more polished and professional
  • Users can switch between front and rear cameras while recording video with LG G8XThinQ.
  • It comes with a rear camera of 12MP primary camera and 13MP super-wide camera.
  • It is backed up by a battery of 4,000mAh
  • It is processed by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Platform
  • It features a microphone which is automatically turned up when capturing video to ensure that sounds are recorded in vivid detail for the most captivating, ASMR recordings.

Price and Availability:

The LG G8X ThinQ with LG Dual Screen is priced for Rs. 49,999 and will be available across all retail outlets

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