Likee app New Update is Here with Cool Features!

Likee app New Update is Here

From smartphone’s camera to social media upload feature, filters play a vital role. A pretty nice filter adds glory to the picture and makes it more beautiful. People are fond of filters, from basic filters to advanced filters, all sort of filters are equally used and embraced by the users. Likee, a short video creation platform is the 4th ranked most popular video creation platform and Likee is the home to number of filters for both videos and photos

The Likee filters are made using advanced technologies such as AI and AR. These filters help the creator to combine reality with fantasy. The filters help the creators to express various emotions such as love, sadness, ecstasy, and romance more intensely.

In this article we will discuss the two most interesting feature/function of the Likee Application:

  1. Makeup Theme Function
  • Users can access this function on Likee app under the  ‘Magic filter section’
  • The theme was recently launched and it comes with 9 types of makeup options: smoky, cutie pink, commute, retro red, freckles, coral, glamorous, summer orange, and autumn wine.
  • The makeup theme function offers a wide range of micro features such as beautify for whitening, changing the shape of the face, eyes, nose, chin and more; Makeup for lipstick variety, blush, contouring, eyebrow shaping and eye shadow; Themes to select the nature of makeup from daily wear to cute or glamorous.
  • Makeup theme function is a complete package for all kinds of makeup from simple to funky.
  • The filter remains still/stable even if the user is shifting face. This technique helps the makeup to look more authentic.
  1. Hair Colouring Function
  • Hair coloring function helps the creators to try new looks
  • Users can access this function on Likee app under the  ‘Magic filter section’
  • The function offers 30 virtual hair coloring options such as – Fire & ice, peacock, miss sakura, lime, rainbow cloud, phantom, neon, rose gold, and more fantastic options.
  • Hair coloring function seems so realistic that users could perform headbangs under the musical trance without any glitches from the filter.

Both the above-mentioned functions are user friendly and will let you know what kind of makeup or hair color suits your skin and face. Moreover, the Likee application has the most extensive list of filters, and the library keeps on adding the new ones every now and then. During this lockdown, the best that we can do is to distract ourselves from negativity and constant over-thinking. It is time to have some fun. It is the time to download Likee. Just download the app from play store and start exploring!

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