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Mobile games are an essential thing these days. And sometimes they are not just enough. They become your favorite pastime. Fighting in the virtual world is not just an adventure, but it’s an experience, living into that game, being a part of your world.

Well, some of these games are our favorite past time. Like the need for speed or Pokémon go. These are just marvelous games. Anyway, People tend to like different types games some of us are still playing Farmville. The game pretty similar to Sim City caught our attention. It’s Little Big City 2 developed by the Gameloft guys. The same guys who gave us the best FPS game ever Modern Combat series and Asphalt series.

Little Big City 2 is an intruding game, where the player will get to create a virtual world themselves. The game is all about an island, a virtual island that player have to recreate from their wildest imagination. There is a game host which is formally known as the Mayor of the city. The Mayor is your guide to the whole tour and will provide you with certain gameplay instruction at each level.

Little Big City 2

The graphics of the game is smooth. Personally, I really liked it. Most of the games who have a high graphics tend to heat up your phone a lot. Which in general drain your phone’s battery. Little Big City 2 is a 25 MB game and with a lovely and smooth graphics. The game doesn’t even use a lot of RAM, and it barely crosses 50MB in the phone.

You can also check out your friend city and his development skills to improve your own. The game also has some unique locked location which you can accomplish via increasing your level. This app also allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site. Well, I think all of the free game have an in-app purchase system.

Little Big City 2

Overall the game is excellent in a tiny size and with some unique gameplay. If you loved the creation of Sim City, then I’m sure that you’ll like this.

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