Luft Qi – The Smallest, Filterless Air Purifier

Luft Qi - The Smallest, Filterless Air Purifier

We all know how important is the air that we breathe in. But the question is – Do we breathe in a superior air quality? With the increase in pollution, the air that we breathe in is also polluted and can cause various air-borne diseases. So, to ensure that the quality of air that we breathe in is purely a product called Luft Qi is launched on Indiegogo. Luft Qi is the first air purifier that uses patented Nano-reactor to kill airborne bacteria, virus, odours, and harmful chemicals and helps you breathe cleaner air anytime, anywhere.

How does Luft Qi works?

Luft Qi is a portable device, which you can carry with yourself everywhere. This purifier works on patented Nano-reactor with photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technology. You just have to plug it in and the device is ready to work and it will start destroying harmful air pollutants, allergens, bacteria and bad odour from your surroundings hence providing you with the clean air to breathe.


  1. It is a portable air purifier which you can carry with you anywhere.
  2. It is an energy efficient air purifier as it costs only $5/year for
  3. It is an eco-friendly air purifier.
  4. This purifier can remove mildew smell, cigarette smell or pet smell.
  5. This purifier does not need a strong motor, with the noise of only 25 dB it is one of the extremely quite purifiers.

Why should one go for Luft Qi?

Luft Qi - The Smallest, Filterless Air PurifierClean air is important to breathe. To stay healthy and to ensure that the air we are breathing is not polluted one must go for this purifier. Apart from this Luft Qi uses no filters hence saves a lot of money.


You can buy this innovative Air purifier from at a minimal cost of 109 USD. So, hurry up because they got a limited stock.

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