Lunar – World’s First Solar Powered Smartwatch ⌚

Lunar - World's First Solar Powered Smartwatch

Wouldn’t it be nice if you don’t have to charge your smartwatch, like ever? Well in this rapidly innovating technological world things like electric cars and solar panels are here so why can’t we have a self sustainable smartwatch, that charges itself.

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Well, we might have found something like that, the Lunar Watch is the world’s first solar-powered smartwatch. The watch is designed by keeping travellers, outdoor enthusiasts and watch aficionados in mind. The lunar watch will update you of the accurate time without the need to plug in and recharge.

How does Lunar watch gets charged?

The transparent solar panel of the watch harvest both natural as well as artificial light and will provide the full charge with an intensity of 10k LUX. The solar panel can harvest enough power to deliver infinite battery life. The lunar watch is compatible with the Lunar app. You can easily check your watches current light harvesting levels with the help of a Lunar app.


  1. The lunar watch has dual time zone which means that you can display 2 time zones on one(analogue) watch, keeping you seamlessly in sync with friends, family and colleagues.
  2. This watch is waterproof up to 50m.
  3. This watch also helps to maximize your daylight hours, monitor light -centric activities like hiking and surfing, outwit your jet lag and more.
  4. Lunar features integrated sunrise and sunset technology, providing accurate data for your current location through both lunar embedded leads and on dashboard page of the Lunar app.
  5. Lunar syncs with all your app and updates you with each and every notification.
  6. Lunar watch also monitors your sleep. It gives feedback on your waking activities and your sleep.

Why should one go for a Lunar Watch?

Lunar A Solar Powered Smartwatch

Lunar Watch is an innovative technology that harvests energy from a variety of light source in order to make the watch works. The exceptionally designed watch is a boon of futuristic technology, which is to create a self-sustainable world. A little contribution to the environment is never enough but as a global citizen, we have to start from somewhere. Maybe a solar power smartwatch is that somewhere.


The product is available on The price of Lunar Watch is 149$. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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