Luuna is the Smart Sleep Mask For Your Relaxing Night

Luuna is the Smart Sleep Mask For Your Relaxing Night

Sleep is very important for your body and brain both. During sleep, the mind is noise free and can carry out some very important tasks like hormone regulation, memory consolidation, and cellular regeneration. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. But nowadays due to busy schedule, true relaxation and good sleep are hard to achieve. In order to fill the loopholes, an individual should have an adequate amount of sleep.  Thankfully, a product is being launched on called LUUNA. LUUNA is the first intelligent sleep masks that mould its soothing capabilities to your sleep schedule.

How do Luuna works?

LUUNA consists of electroencephalography (EEG) sensors which are used to monitor and collect brainwave information and transmit it to LUNA’S computer chip. The computer chip reads and analyzes the brainwave and produces music, measures your sleep state and makes conclusions about what it should do.


  • LUUNA features peeping holes to allow you to see without having to take your mask off
  • With LUUNA you can enjoy 3 different sleep modes i.e. sleep, power nap and concentration
  • LUUNA generate music which is created based on users’ real-time brainwaves

Why should one go for Luuna?

Luuna is the Smart Sleep Mask

The two benefits of sleep mask are that:

  • A sleep mask cannot only block out the obvious sources of light, like lamps and televisions, but also natural light like the sun and moon
  • A sleep mask can actually help to protect the skin around your eyes from damage while you sleep. What makes LUUNA different from other sleep mask is that it is a first intelligent sleep mask with EEG sensors


You can buy this smart sleep mask from at a minimal cost of 105 USD. So, hurry up because they got a limited stock.

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