Make The Best Use Of The Google Analytics Strategies To Quantify SEO Success

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To improve your SEO strategy you will first need to measure its success first and henceforth make the necessary amendments. The most significant measure of SEO success is keyword rankings but only relying on more keywords ranking does not mean more traffic. Ideally, it will devalue the role of the marketer and will not depict the full picture.

SEO is important to any organization but it is required to go beyond keyword rankings to know how organic search will bring more revenue and profit to your business.

Fortunately, there are several tools to measure SEO and are freely available but the best one is Google Analytics that may be probably installed on your website already.

Effective ways to use it

You can use the Google Analytics tool in some of the most useful and effective ways to measure the success of your SEO efforts for your business.

Organic search traffic: This is the most obvious use of the tool. This will help you to find out the actual cause of the decline of traffic to your website. It will show that the cause is not due to the decline in organic search traffic as it may be high while the other traffic sources may be low resulting in an overall decline in traffic.

Quality of SEO traffic: Use of the Google Analytic tool will help you to know about the quality of your web traffic which is more subjective. This means that you can measure it precisely instead of just searching any traffic source. The Assisted Conversions Report is the most common one to use to measure whether there is an improvement or decline in the quality of search traffic. You can compare it with the last month’s report or with any of the previous months. You will be able to compare the conversions from the search direction and know about the quality of traffic.

Assign dollar value: The tool will also help you to assign a dollar value to your web traffic. This will help you to understand and measure your SEO traffic in a more traditional way. SEO will be valued based on the visibility as well as the conversions when you assign a dollar value to it. You can do it by comparing the cost of the keywords in a Google Ad-Words campaign. To follow this strategy you will need a Google Ad-Words account and make sure that the Google Analytics tool is well synced with the Search Console account.

Slow loading times: Good sites such as will have a very fast loading ability. This is the most significant factor to ensure higher SEO. If you want to optimize the load times of the pages you will first need to identify those pages that are creating the problems in the first place. It will not only affect the traffic rate but will also reduce the conversion rate as well.

Lastly, the analytical tool will help you to create your own SEO dashboard to move a skeptic client to a believer in your work.

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