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If we talk about today’s digital society, the question arises: can paper be abandoned? We all know that in corporate fields while making small notes, we always choose paper and surprisingly, paperless meeting i.e. in meetings where one chooses to document every minute of meeting digitally is more secure and convenient. To make the environment safe and to make less use of papers and to provide more security to documents, an extraordinary and revolutionary 3 in 1 E-writer tablet, power bank and wireless charger is being launched. Yes, Memomate, a product that claims that while using it you will stay: paperless, wireless, and always charged.

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How do Memomate works?

Memomate is a portable device i.e. you can carry this sleek and pocket-sized device with you anywhere and you can use it anytime. It uses pressure sensing technology so that you can write without delay or restrictions. While using Memomate you will feel exactly the same as you feel while writing on a paper and it also allows you to erase your notes and hence you are not going to run out of papers.


  1. It is a portable device.
  2. It is an E-ink tablet and allows you to write comfortably without being interrupted.
  3. You can perform multitasking endlessly without thinking of the shortage of battery as it is a 1000mAh power bank.
  4. It also allows you to charge our device with 3.0 quick charge wireless feature.
  5. It offers 100,000 pages and also provided you with an option of DEL button, with DEL button, you can delete everything, so you can endlessly use the tablet and you will never run out of pages.
  6. Memomate uses pressure sensing technology.
  7. It gives you an opportunity to save and share your work with everyone else with ease.

Why should one go for Memomate?

This device is durable and safe to use. With Memomate you are not only saving paper, but you are also taking one step towards digitalization. You can also make quick notes of valuable information with Memomate e-writer while talking on the phone.


This revolutionary product is available at at a minimal price of just 89 USD. SO, hurry up before the stock goes out.

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