mFilterIt: Adding Trust to Digital Brands

mFilterIt Adding Trust to Digital

mFilterIt has become one of the fastest-growing Ad Fraud Detection and prevention service companies. Its primary goal is to maintain the digital integrity of its clients across all the platforms. They have been using programs and systems based on AI and Machine Learning to improve their efficacy and have succeeded in doing the same.

Amit Relan, Co-Founder and Director of mFilterIt says, “Covid 19 has led to several changes in how organizations operate and how consumers access information. The marketers, brand owners, and advertisers should work together and change this adversity into an opportunity to create a new normal that cleanses the ecosystem and puts an end to brand erosion. By using Martech solutions, deploying forces backed by AI and ML we have helped hundreds of brands to help increase their KPIs and campaign performance. It has instilled the confidence in our clients to approach inorganic freely and pragmatically.”

Currently, mFilterIt has been providing its services to well-known brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, HDFC, Cred, ITC, Unilever, etc. It has helped its clients save over $200 million by resolving any or all kinds of ad fraud leaks.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of digital and online consumption by users have grown multiple time due to which there has been an increase in “Brand Unsafe” content on social media platforms.

These contents generally comprise spam, adult and explicit content, and Hate Speech & Acts of aggression. In order to deal with this, many companies have turned to mFilterIt to shield themselves against these kinds of risks.

Due to the increasing online presence of people and consumers each day, a lot of scams and frauds have cost businesses a lot of money. In order to maintain brand safety and integrity, mFilterIt has been using machine learning, social listening, and artificial intelligence to tackle such issues swiftly.

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