Mi Powerbank Pro with 10000mAh capacity, USB Type-C Fast Charging

Mi Powerbank Pro

hey guys finally we have landed with new awesome pro version powerbank from Xiaomi the MI powerbank pro, as Xiaomi has recently shook up the whole power bank market when they just launched different power bank with very affordable pricing like Xiaomi 20,000 mAh, 10400 mAh etc. , now they again come up with a new, highly affordable 10000mAh battery pack with name Mi powerbank Pro with Type C charging which no other power bank in the market can do till now.


We just get this Pro power bank, landed a few days back from www.ibuygou.com. I have tested it for few days like hell. Heating temperature, time in charging, device charging speed and a whole lot with the small pack.


The 10000mAh Mi Powerbank Pro which now supports USB Type-C charging, with the Mi 5 and other supported gadgets like Letv and many other. The 18W of input ensures the Powerbank Pro charges from 0-100 in 3 hours 10 mins for me, and even manages to recharge other devices at a faster rate , like it takes my iPhone 6 charge from 5% to 40% in 15 to 18 mins. which is just great. It don’t even heats (just warm) a lot like other power bank while charging the other devices. But while charging the power bank using LeTv 1s Charger it heat to upto 35 degree.


When we come to the looks of the power bank, it weights just 217 grams and is made up of full metal with sides properly curved finish, which just look good.


The Device has a single button which is used to know how much battery is being charged, there is 4 LED’s and each led notify 2500 mAh Power, which means on single charge of power bank you can easily charge your high end device 4 to 5 times it varies from device to device.


The main features which is also being added in this power bank is that it has also integrated support for low voltage devices like the Mi Band or the Bluetooth earphone and comes with USB smart-control and 9-layers of circuit chip protection to protect the charging devices so as it will to not fry them and will charge it normally like with other power-bank they detect the mi band for few minutes then it get detach automatically.  But this power-bank can handle this easily. So just go for it and buy it.


Last words Go and buy Best POWER BANK till now

Photos with all the specifications are already there and for un-boxing and video review check the video down below.

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