Midea: The Window Air Conditioner, Reinvented

Midea The Window Air Conditioner, Reinvented

As the summer is approaching, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Air conditioner. The Midea U-Shaped AC is a super-efficient air conditioning unit with fast and powerful cooling. It is the first window AC to obtain the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 certification. If you are planning to buy the new air conditioner, you can give thought to it after knowing its multiple features.

Midea Features

  • The distinctive and patented U-shaped design on this AC allows you to open or close your window anytime. The Midea U-Shaped AC helps you to breathe the fresh air.
  • With this AC, you don’t have to worry about the security as the window is secured by an anti-theft mechanism while closed.
  • It is 9 times quieter than traditional units as its revolutionary U-shaped design blocks the noise coming from the compressor outside the window and walls.
  • This Midea AC gives a powerful airflow up to 20 feet away and the full DC inverter technology facilitates the unit to cool your home fast. You can enjoy the cool air to every corner of your room as soon as you turn it on your AC.
  • Its patented Inverter Quattro design enables it to cool more with relatively less electricity. This makes it cost-effective and more environment-friendly.
  • With this smart Wi-Fi enabled window AC, you don’t have to worry about your AC remote, it can be controlled from anywhere using an iOS or Android app. You can also control it by using voice commands with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.

How to use it?

The installation of Media U-shaped AC is quick and easy. It only requires three simple steps-

  • install the (included) quick-snap bracket into the desired window
  • set the AC unit on the bracket
  • secure the side arms

Now you can close the window and enjoy the cool air.

Why one should buy this?

The Midea U-Shaped AC is different from the traditional window AC as in this case you are free to open and close your window anytime. Its unique Inverter Quattro technology saves more than 35% energy and keeps the home cool. This AC can keep your home not only cool but also quiet. You can relax in your home with a piece of mind, or you can also sleep, work, study and binge your favorite shows without any disturbance. It gives 20 feet long distance airflow with quick installation and smart control. These features will definitely make it better than other window air conditioners.


Three different size options are available according to your room size (8K BTU is ideal for 251-350 Sq Ft, 10K BTU  is ideal 351-450 Sq Ft, 12K BTU is ideal for 451-550 Sq Ft). You have to pay according to the size you have selected. The price ranges from ₹22,221 to ₹118,534.

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