Montag is a New Magazine Written Entirely by AI

Montag is a New Magazine Written Entirely by AI 1

We all know Iron Man and his computer Jarvis. We know that it is a result of science fiction but just imagine if this becomes reality. We all are well aware of the term Artificial Intelligence and because of the advancement in artificial intelligence software development, we are forming a technical relationship with technology. We are using AI-based technologies to make our life easier and happier. We all are aware that intelligent technologies are used in household activities, teaching, corporate training and business and so on. But with the help of MONTAG, Artificial technology has now also conquered the fields of creative writing and journalism.

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Montag is a magazine written by Artificial Intelligence. The AI comes from a Berlin-based Start-up named Grover. Users can visit website where new stories are published every Monday. Another website named as is a dedicated website for the magazine. The contents for the articles and stories are collected from the internet by using shell scripts and Python scripts. The collected text is then processed via a neural network which produces the output in around 15 minutes or in an hour. The work of AI is to produce an article, but the publishing of the article is taken care of by Ms. Lawrence, the CEO of Montag.

To the people who love to read, must visit the website for sure. However, this innovative approach led to one question:

Are the journalists going to be replaced by the AI soon?

According to my perspective, No! Since AI are not that much advanced to offer opinions and perspective.

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