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MultCloud 4.0 and Sync Feature Review


Not more than 5 months, MultCloud has been upgraded from 3.8 to 4.0. The world is changing so quickly! At first, MultCloud added three supported cloud drives: OneDrive for business, Dropbox for Business and Egnyte.


Second, the UI of MultCloud changed in some places. Buttons on the top of MultCloud’s interface are added to five, some also changed their name, such as Cloud Explorer and Cloud Transfer. Click Cloud Sync to access Sync Service, you can enjoy MultCloud’s new key function – synchronization.


MultCloud provides eight ways to sync cloud drive in total. They are Simple Sync, Mirror sync, Move sync, Cumulative sync, Update sync, Incremental backup sync and Full backup sync. These ways are one-way sync, and plus Two-way sync. Other settings in Options and Schedule are the same as Transfer. By the way, Schedule button is a little difference with previous version, it is a selection box rather in drop-down list any more.


Click the new added Tasks button, will switch to Task Manager. In the past, you can only enter in Task Manager by clicking the small button on the right top of interface. In Task Manager, you are able to commit the task again, re-edit the task or delete the task. What’s more, Now here it allows you to add URL task, which means adding download link, MultCloud will convert it to end files and save in your cloud drive.


MultCloud’s sync is a great improvement. Change data in different cloud services become more and more flexible than before. Thanks to MultCloud, it makes our life easier.

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