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MultiTV emerges as front-runner in Indian OTT and virtual events video tech industry


MultiTV, a leading video technology company in India that offers a platform-as-a-service that simplifies video technology experiences for businesses. Recently this video technology company has registered a strong growth of 100 per cent y-o-y, driven by the massive uptake of virtual & hybrid events and OTT video technology. Moreover, the brand has gained 50+ customers across its portfolio in the past six months.

And, it is expected that the company will touch $100 million turnovers in the next 3-years. The success of the company depends completely on the two of its cutting edge products BeLIVE and CREATOR. With services like BeLIVE and CREATOR, the company is creating a robust and next-level video ecosystem that simplifies video technology experiences for businesses.

BeLIVE is an all-in-one live online events platform. It is a robust and scalable video platform that is widely used to conduct seamless virtual and hybrid events. The purpose of this platform is to empower businesses to host events like Annual General Meetings (AGMs), product launches, trade shows, conferences, workshops, webinars, concerts, conclaves and meetings online and whatnot, in a seamless manner. BeLIVE is trusted by various enterprises and brands and it is one of the largest video capture and distribution service in India that live-streamed 1,000+ branded events.

CREATOR is contributing about 15 to 20 per cent of India’s daily OTT viewership and it is an ERP for OTT platforms and currently supports 100+ million viewers yearly. Moreover, the CREATOR is also giving businesses a platform to market their video content as a personalized viewing experience and allows them to monetize their content on their terms.

Vikash Samota, Founder & CEO, MultiTV said that the last few years have seen video technology as the disruptive force that is renovating practices and experiences across various industries. He even said that the company has aimed to deliver exceptional online video experiences with best-in-class technology. Moreover, BeLIVE and CREATOR is the company’s owned IPs powered by a comprehensive tech stack developed in-house. He added that the company’s monthly organic growth rate is around 15-20 per cent and he has given his words that the Indian market will always remain a key focus area for MultiTV. But, apart from India, the company even has a plan to expand their global footprints by hiring and establishing sales teams in new markets like the US and Europe. The second major aim of the company is to launch and produce more product suite for future growth and new revenue streams.

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MultiTV emerges as front-runner in Indian OTT and virtual events video tech industry 1
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