New Sony ZV-1 II Launched Ultra-Wide-Angle Zoom

Sony ZV-1 II Launched Ultra-Wide-Angle Zoom

Sony has just launched the ZV-1 II, the next version of their famous vlog camera ZV series, which incorporates several of the most often desired and widely used market-leading features. The ZV-1 II’s broader field of view and improved photogenic qualities make it ideal for vloggers.

The ZV-1 II’s high-end features are made possible by its 1.0-type Exmor RSTM image sensor (about 20.1 effective megapixels), BIONZ XTM image processing engine, and ZEISSĀ® Vario-Sonnar T* 18-50mm F1.8-4(i) lens. The ZV-1 II is the advanced vlogging camera in a compact form factor, with features such as an 18-50mm(ii) wide angle lens that can frame everything from group selfies to narrow interiors or dynamic recordings of everyday scenes, and a Multiple Face Recognition(iii) feature that recognizes multiple faces and automatically adjusts to keep all faces sharp and clear when taking selfie shots that include two or three people.

“The ZV-1 II ushers in an exciting new age for content producers and is destined to become the go-to camera for creators of all stripes, from vloggers and social media influencers to short-form video artists. Our current ZV series release is the result of careful consideration of user feedback, with an emphasis on including tools that are crucial for vloggers. According to Sony India’s Head of Digital Imaging Business Mukesh Srivastava, “Our commitment to enhancing the ZV series based on community feedback remains unwavering, and the ZV-1 II stands as a testament to that dedication.”

Zoom and ultra-wide angle lenses of the ZV-1 II allow you to take stunning pictures

Selfies taken at arm’s length benefit greatly from the 18mm(iv) wide angle of view, since the whole scene may be captured in the shot. Changing the camera’s perspective is easy with the 18-50mm optical zoom and Clear Image Zoom, which enlarges photographs smoothly with no quality loss.

Bokeh Switch allows for a smooth transition between in-focus foreground elements and out-of-focus backgrounds, and the camera’s 1.0-type sensor and Cinematic Vlog Setting help enhance your tale.

1.0-type sensor with a Bokeh Switch for achieving stunning background defocus. The needs for simple ambient photography with a vlog camera are met by the cinematic Vlog Setting feature. Amazing visuals may be triggered with a single tap. You may shoot in CinemaScope (2.35:1)(v) and at 24 frames per second (fps)(vi), just like a movie, by tapping the corresponding symbol on the screen. Then, use the on-screen buttons to choose among five LOOKs and four MOODs to complete the job.

The Creative Look function lends professional polish to your work, and the Fast Hybrid AF System ensures that your subjects remain in focus even while they’re engaged in rapid motion.

With Creative Look, you may choose from ten different predefined looks(vii) that take your photography to the next level. The camera uses the same Fast Hybrid AF mechanism as the series to provide clear photos even while shooting in high-definition 4K. Focusing speed may be adjusted during video recording through AF Transition Speed, and focus can be adjusted in relation to subject movement and background blur via AF Subject Shift Sensitivity. Real-time Eye AF also allows for consistent focus whether shooting stills or videos of people or animals.

The smart 3-capsule microphone delivers crystal-clear sound, and features like Face Priority AE and Soft Skin Effect make you look and feel great.

Automatically(viii) switching between Front and All Directions recording when the camera detects faces or other things. Selfies need the (Front) setting in Manual mode, whereas narrated videos require the (Rear) setting. When using the microphone outside, the provided windshield prevents wind noise from distorting the recording. A 3.5 mm microphone connector and cableless connection to the Multi Interface Shoe(ix) make it simple to attach external microphones. Automatically and instantly, Face Priority AE and the Soft Skin Effect identify faces and adjust the exposure to maximize the brightness of faces in any scene. For a more natural look on camera, try using the “soft skin effect.”

Experiment with time manipulation with the S&Q Shoot Mode for stunning slow-motion and fast-motion effects, and display items with pinpoint accuracy using the Product Showcase Setting.

You may easily film product review videos in the Product Showcase Setting, with a focus that smoothly shifts from your face to the object being highlighted. Everyday moments may be amplified with the help of the S&Q shoot mode’s x, where slow motion can go as high as 5x and fast motion can reach 60x. One screen now allows users to adjust both the filming and recording frame rates simultaneously.

The ZV-1 II’s ISO sensitivity range of 125-12800 allows it to perform well in a wide variety of lighting environments.

The camera’s ISO sensitivity range of 125-12800 enables for clear recordings even in low light. Electronic image stabilization in the form of Active Mode means that material may be shot while the camera is in motion, making it ideal for handheld shooting(xi). Perfect for slow-mo and fast-mo hand-held filming.

Active Mode electronic image stabilization allows for steadier shots in low light, while the built-in ND filter allows for expressive manipulation of exposure.

The three-stop exposure reduction provided by the built-in ND filter creates stunning bokeh even in bright environments.

Even with its optical wide zoom lens, the is tiny and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or a small backpack, making it ideal for use on the road. The front-facing recording indication, tilting screen (perfect for selfies), user-friendly key and control layout(xii), and comfortable grip all contribute to the camera’s versatility as a filmmaking tool. The new style of the monitor frame makes it immediately apparent that recording is happening. Fast and simple power up with the USB Type-CĀ® port

If you want to make films that seem like they came from a professional studio, the ZV-E1 II is your best bet.

To use the as a camera and broadcast in excellent resolution, all you need is a standard USB cable (not included) to hook it up to your computer or smartphone(xiii). Using Creative seem, you can change the color of your video and make people’s complexion seem better in online meetings and live streams. The eyes will stay in focus (Real-time Eye AF) and faces will seem crisper and brighter (Face Priority AE).

The ZV-1 II’s accessibility features, such as the screen reader capabilities for the visually impaired, make it easier to use. All users may take pictures and watch videos thanks to the accessibility options.Menu options and descriptions are read aloud when the screen reader function(xiv) is active. To use the screen reader, go to the (Setup) tab and toggle the (Screen Reader) option to “ON.” The (Sound Options) menu allows you to change the volume of the screen reader.

In addition to the aforementioned, the ZV-1 II has a number of tools that facilitate focusing in on a wide range of things. Automatically detect (Human) or (Animal) eyes to focus on using Real-time Eye AF or use the Real-time Tracking feature. Features like as Touch Focus, Touch Tracking, and Touch Shutter let the user to focus, track, and shoot by merely touching the subject on the monitor screen, while Focus Magnification and Peaking make manual focusing simpler. Screen Reader, Touch AE, Focus Magnifier, Peaking Display, Real-time Eye AF, Real-time Tracking, Touch Focus, Touch Tracking, Touch Shutter, Vari-angle LCD screen, and Custom function are only some of the ZV-1 II’s accessibility capabilities (things stated in the specs).

In addition to Sony’s worldwide programs like Road to Zero and the Renewable Energy Target for 2030, the ZV-1 II was designed with sustainability in mind. The camera’s body is made entirely of recycled materials, including SORPLASTM(xv), decreasing harmful effects on the environment without compromising on quality. Rather of using plastic, Sony’s “Original Blend Material” uses recycled paper that can be recycled easily. It is high-quality and good for the environment since it is made from bamboo, sugar cane fiber, and recycled paper bought at a local market.

Availability and Costs

Beginning on September 25, 2023, the ZV-1 II vlog camera will be sold in India at all Sony Centers, Alpha Flagships, Sony Authorized Dealers, online retailers including Amazon and Flipkart, and major electronics retailers.

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