iVOOMi Launches Exclusive Holiday Offer: Incredible E-Scooter Discounts And Rs. 10,000 Customer Benefits

iVOOMi Launches Exclusive Holiday Offer

As the holiday season draws near, iVOOMi, the electric vehicle (EV) market leader in India, is pleased to announce attractive incentives and discounts for its consumers. Premium iVOOMi e-scooters like the JeetX and S1 are on sale at a steep discount during this holiday season’s limited-time sale. Discounted from its regular price of Rs. 99,999 and Rs.84, 999, respectively, JeetX is currently available at an appealing holiday season price of Rs. 91,999 and Rs. 81,999. 

In addition to these incredible savings, iVOOMi is also providing consumers with a plethora of unique bonuses totaling Rs. 10,000. Get ready for an exciting journey with the complimentary extras that come with every purchase, such cool helmets and other goodies. In addition, iVOOMi is paying for clients to avoid having to deal with the RTO (Regional Transport Office) fees.

Until October 31, 2023, you may take advantage of these jaw-dropping deals at any of iVOOMi’s one hundred dealer networks. The celebrations will continue through October 31, 2023, so don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime!

Along with local NBFCs, iVOOMi has partnered with national institutions like ICICI Bank Ltd., L&T Finance, and Bajaj to provide its consumers with a variety of financing plans to suit their needs. These amazing bank packages feature not just low loan rates (as low as 8.49 percent), but also flexible equal monthly payment (EMI) plans, making it easy for customers to purchase an iVOOMi e-scooter.

“At iVOOMi, we’re working to change the world one commute at a time by providing individuals with innovative and eco-friendly options. Our dedication to offering high-quality e-scooters at costs that make electric mobility accessible to everyone is reflected in our seasonal sale. Ashwin Bhandari, iVOOMi’s co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO), is optimistic that his company’s deals and perks will help clients find their ideal ride.

To help make your goal of owning an electric car a reality, we have worked with major financial institutions to provide special financing plans. Customers who visit our showrooms may take advantage of these fantastic banking incentives, easing the path to iVOOMi e-scooter ownership. We here for understand the value of the present moment and are committed to developing products and services with the customer in mind. He said, “By making purchases on the most auspicious days, we want to impart more happiness and the sense of authentic India to our clients.

Undoubtedly the most powerful and solidly designed EVs are the iVOOMi JeetX and S1, which come in a rainbow of six colors for the S1 and four for the JeetX. Customers may put their own stamp on their electric vehicle by selecting their favorite hue. These electric scooters were designed with the rider’s comfort in mind, featuring extra-large footwells, a plush seat, and top-tier suspensions that mimic the feel of a traditional Indian rickshaw. iVOOMi JeetX and S1 are the most energy-efficient options available, with a certified range of 100 km and 110 km, respectively, with peak speeds of 65 kmph and 57 kmph.

Don’t let this chance to buy an iVOOMi electric scooter pass you by. Reimagine your travels with exhilarating experiences and long-lasting style by taking advantage of this time-sensitive offer, which is only available at participating dealerships.

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