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No More Pain of Injections ๐Ÿ’‰ with Portal Instruments Needle-Free Injections

Here comes the new innovation in the medical technology. As a matter of fact, your life changing drugs need an advanced and convenient delivery system and maybe that is now possible with PORTAL’s SYSTEM.

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Yes, with this Portalโ€™s delivery system the delivery of drugs into your body becomes effortless, comfortable and painless. This new medical marvel is a needle free injection technology, which enables you to inject the drug into your body painlessly.

The technology behind Portal Instruments?

The Portal system is digitally controlled and monitored. It rapidly injects the drug into your body that is safe, reliable and convenient. Using the precise pressure technology, the injection is administered through the skin, ensuring optimal comfort. With portal, every delivery is precise and complete.


  1. Portal is patient preferred for its simplicity and comfort, just load, administer and discard.
  2. Real time data are captured and reported instantly to the patient and connected technology provides customizable disease management tools.
  3. Highly precise and accurate.
  4. Drug concentration and viscosity agnostic.
  5. Compatible with pharma manufacturing process.
  6. Drug administration just takes half a second.

Need for portal system?

Portal Instruments Needle-Free InjectionsWhen we have a patient in the house, a time comes when we find inconvenience in disposing needles safely, especially when there are children. So, to avoid this inconvenience portal system is the best. Kids, who get intimidated by the idea of an injection it is the best solution for them. You can also inject your own medicine by yourself, itโ€™s that easy and convenient.


We are not sure of the product availability. So for more detail, Click Here.

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