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Things to know about hiring Node.JS developers

Finding well-suited people to work for your software project is never easy. It is especially difficult if we are talking about Node.JS developers, whether you’re starting up or a long-standing business. When finding Node.JS developers for hire, consider these things.

What is Node.JS, and how to use it?

Node.JS is a free, open-source server environment, utilising Javascript to create scalable network applications under Chrome’s V8 JS engine. It works with a variety of platforms (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). Effectively a Javascript-based environment, with the addition of C and C++ components. In recent times, Python, Ruby, PHP and others have been outgrown by Node.JS, so it is increasingly popular, and projects need skilled staff with a good knowledge of it.

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Node.JS  assists server-side, administering Javascript codes and developing real-time network applications. The scope of JS has grown immensely, so server-side frameworks are in great demand. Also, machine learning, in addition to blockchain, can involve Node JS.  A significant degree of front end Javascript functions are present on Node.JS, but it has relevance for wherever we need Javascript. Node.JS is one of the most prominent open-source libraries, and, of course, it’s potentially the most accessible.

Developers do not need to learn a new language to understand and work with Node.JS; just must be JS proficient. Node.JS is a very lightweight framework, using event-driven architecture and operating on a singular thread. It is also compatible with IDEs such as Eclipse, Visual Studio, etc. and works with code editors, like Notepad++ or Sublime Text among others.

Hiring Node.JS developers

Before hiring Node.JS developers, you should decide in which way to do it: either freelancers, in-house experts, or a dedicated outsourced team.

After you have gotten to the interview stage, consider the following Node.JS interview questions to ask your candidates:

  1. How long have you been using Node.JS?
  2. Tell us about the kinds of projects have you worked on?
  3. What skills does someone who uses Node.JS require?
  4. What kinds of Node.JS companies or software companies have you worked for?
  5. What languages do you know as well as Javascript?
  6. What other programming knowledge do you have (i.e. full stack/front-end/back end)?
  7. What is your rate?

Where to hire Node.JS developers

Now you need to decide where you will outsource Node.JS development companies from. If you outsource to countries like Ukraine, you can get the benefits of quality staff and low budget costs. Node JS development companies in Ukraine offer great low-cost developers, as well as dedicated teams, to focus on your particular project.

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