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Nothing Ear 1

Carl Pei, one of the co-founders of the company “OnePlus”, left it last year to start a new journey of his own which is named “Nothing”. This news made a lot of stride in the tech world, and people were eagerly looking forward to what the company has to offer with Nothing Ear 1.

Nothing Ear 1 earbuds

Nothing Ear 1 earbuds
Nothing Ear 1 earbuds

Nothing sounds really interesting, and the name itself grabs your attention for a while. This company was founded in October 2020 and has gathered a load of investors since then. And, people do have quite high expectations from this brand. Nothing announced in May 2021 that they will be launching their first product – Nothing Ear 1 earbuds.

Nothing Ear 1 earbuds were earlier said to be launched in June, but it looks like it has been delayed until next month. So now we have a timeline and a launch date on our hands for the company’s first product. The “Nothing Ear 1 earbuds” is said to be launched on July 27 at 6:30 PM (IST) and 14:00 PM (BST). It is set to be launched globally, and as of now, we know that Nothing partnered with Flipkart. This was tweeted by Manu Sharma on June 25th this year.

With their first launch event set for the 27th of July, the tech enthusiasts are looking forward to getting their hands on-ear(1). The company website is currently running a countdown until the date of launch where it says “Nothing Ear 1 earbuds” is the first step in our journey; combining raw beauty and precise engineering for a pure sound experience.”

We know this for a fact it’s going to be an audio-related product, but the features and other specifications can’t be confirmed. They may have great sound or great active noise cancellation; we may also see a couple of new features which we didn’t expect. I guess we will just have to wait for further information from the Nothing team or its members.

Other details and pricing for the gadget are yet to be revealed, but we can only hope it fits the budget for most. The aesthetics and vibes that I can sense from this product seem to be futuristic. The company has said multiple times and has been quoted in several places saying that “the current tech has gotten boring”. Of course, I am paraphrasing here, but it basically means the same.

The hype is being created, and the marketing team has been doing a great deal to promote their product. Many tech YouTubers like “MKBHD” and “Unboxing Therapy” have been provided with a glass plaque that carries a scannable code on the top, which leads to Nothing’s website. And guess what? There are only 50 pieces of these glass plaques that would have been sent to different places around the globe.

A lot is yet to be uncovered; we can see many leaks in the upcoming days regarding Nothing Ear 1 earbuds design, features, pricing, and so on. There will be many variables in play here, so we should probably look into verified sources only until the product is launched in a couple of weeks.

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