Nubia Red Magic 3 will comes with Snapdragon 855 & 12GB RAM

Nubia Red Magic 3 will comes with Snapdragon 855

Nubia the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is about to introduce its latest line-up of the Red Magic series in India, the company is looking forward to expanding its business with a flagship smartphone focused on gaming. As far as we know, the new Red Magic 3 will be featuring a 12GB of RAM, Air cooled and Liquid systems, also it may have a higher refresh rate than PCs. Now, that’s enough for attention for a gaming enthusiast, although the device is yet to launch it was able to grab some hype in the tech market.

The device will feature an Air cooling & liquid cooling technology for hardcore gamers. This seems to be a big push in the gaming smartphone market since the smartphone gaming industry is expanding day-by-day.

Rumours also suggest that the device will be featuring the Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is the latest and highly powerful mobile processor that also supports 5G technology. The question is, will the Red Magic 3 be a 5G smartphone? The device will also come with 12GB of RAM for smooth multitasking, and the first question is, my-my is that necessary?

To make users gaming experience worth count, Red Magic 3 will feature a higher refresh rate than your own PC, and for after effects a 4D shock linear motor for haptic feedback while gaming. We are not sure about the battery size of the device but it’s said to be a long-lasting device.

Yes, all of this specification and leaks might sound worthy to make a purchase decision but at the end, a device that gives a balanced performance in all section takes the heart, and not a lot of gaming smartphone were successful in terms of consumer purchase. But no matter what you say, Gaming smartphones are another tech marvel and they can’t be taken as amiss. That’s all for today. Thanks.

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