ODialer App Allows Stealth Call Recording on OnePlus, Realme, Oppo Smartphones


OnePlus, Realme, and Oppo users can now enjoy seamless call recording without the need of an on-call voice disclaimer through a new app called ODialer. Developed by Oppo’s ColorOS, the app was released on January 16th and is currently available on the Google Play Store for eligible devices from the aforementioned smartphone brands.

Call recording is a useful feature for many reasons, whether it’s for personal or professional use. It can be used for keeping a record of important phone conversations, for legal or compliance reasons, or for creating audio recordings for podcasts or radio shows.

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However, call recording on stock dialer apps comes with a downside, it triggers a voice disclaimer when switched on during a call, which can be quite annoying and disrupt the flow of conversation. The ODialer app allows users to avoid this, making call recording a more seamless experience.

The app also includes a speed dial feature that enables users to easily contact their top contacts. The app requires Android 12 or higher and bears version number 13.1.5. Additionally, it also comes with a dark mode feature.

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ODialer is not just a simple call recording app, it is a step towards a more enhanced user experience by Oppo’s ColorOS team, who developed the app and listed it on the Google Play Store. This move by Oppo indicates a shift in the way android phones ship their smartphones, with more custom dialer applications.

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