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OnePlus 3’s Dash Charge is faster than Galaxy S7 – and here is the proof


Despite being Oneplus a Chinese brand, the quality and product which they are offering is just awesome. They are the first company to offer dash charge to there device, which make the device charge really very fast.

To Proof there presence Oneplus has published a video on there official Youtube Channel. The video, which they have posted initially features that charging times varies and totally depends on phone, hardware, power which is being used and certain other things. After that they start the stop watch and test oneplus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S7 for  thirty minutes, and the result was shocking as well as obvious because Galaxy S7 was there with 50%, and the OnePlus 3 is hiking up at 64%.

Both devices sport a 3000mAh battery, which means OnePlus 3 deserves as hats off. But after this also they wont stop it, the contest was on, by turning on the phone’s screen. Here also OnePlus 3 reached to a peak of 67% leaving the S7 far behind at at 23%.

If you consider that OnePlus’ device, it is also overall faster device when compared to compared to Samsung’s.

So what are your views regarding it, which device will you choose among them.

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